The Causeby Effect:

The Causeby Effect is a social behavior, similar in nature to the Ebola Effect that I instigated observed recently in a public situation that involved an innocent black individual coughing in a McDonald's, then panicked crowds recklessly stampeded for safety while muttering to themselves and others close by that, "He got the Ebola..."

The Causeby Effect is a new viral social behavior based on recent lurid details of Bill Cosby's sex life. Incidences and scenarios vary but an intended victim is given a drink and after a sip or two is then informed that, "You Just Been Bill Cosby'd..." A later Causeby Effect was observed when an older gentleman I ordered a, "Scotch and tonic and a 'Bill Cosby' for the twink..."

Yard Sale:

These are the things I passed on purchasing at Debbie Reynolds latest Hollywood yard sale.

Anything will do:

Needed to post something so we didn't have to stare at the Black Hole of Calcutta anymore.

Icky Gay Profiles:

[[[ holexhib ]]]

build: Average
height: 1.81m (5' 11")
weight: 76Kg (168lb)
waist: 82cm (32")
chest: 105cm (41")
biceps: 37cm (15")
body hair: Some Hair
facial hair: Clean-Shaven
ethnicity: Other
cock size: Large
his cock is: Uncut
tattoos: None
preferred role: Bottom
interests: Underwear, Email/chat, Leather, Sportswear.
last here: 09 Nov 2014

Good sucker with wide open hole for big dildoes , fisting , double fisting, feet. Cool sessions. NO SM. Do not require my password if you do not give yours .


It's the only true civic function we have left. Remember Civics? I don't think they teach those kinds of subversive courses these days. That and comportment and cursive handwriting, spelling, math, english, history and science, they've all been cut to reduce the budget. The world is a much better splace fer'it.

If you still feel the pang of patriotism (another forgotten notion) then trot on down to the polling station and cast your vote for the lesser of two evils.

In my case (the governor of Florida) it's down to,

The Vacillator, Charlie Crist


Rick (Skeletor) Scott

Or as we call him, Dick Snott.

May the best villain win.