The internet was invented for porn. Possibly for porn and electronic mail. It's also good at mangling history. My latest internet interest is an I-Vacation or more precisely, searching internet maps. It starts with my fascination of the architecture and realty of foreign places like New York, Key West, New Orleans, Ipanema and Paris etc. While exploring the realty of a city the price tags of apartments and houses become very telling of the desirability, neighborhood and location. Once you have an address you can map it. Look at it aerially, look at it from the street view, basically walkabout the neighborhood. In essence, a small virtual vacation or Petites vacances virtuelle. Sounds classy in French. That brings me to my favorite game show,

The Prize's Price

Today's Prize is a fabulous penthouse apartment in a mid century building, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Steps from the subway and two blocks from the beach. 

You guess the price. 

Described as having a private pool and terrace at your disposal...

Views of Rio de Janeiro and in particular on Morro Dois Irmãos or Two Brothers Hill.

In the heart of Ipanema, this penthouse is located in a modern building with a doorman and an available 24hrs security service. 

Original Space Age details still exist.

Media Room

Master Bedroom Private terrace.

Master bedroom suite

Guest suite and private terrace.

And now it's time to, 

Name The Prize’s Price...

[entries may be in Euros or US dollars]

Incidental and related to this post is this little item I discovered while perusing the streets of Ipanema.

Sexy Man:

What do you do if your a music producer who has a fluke hit with the novelty girl group, The Ritchie Family?

You recycle that one novel idea into, The Village People then transfer that gay fantasy look back to the girl group.

I like to think that novelty act routine is responsible for 99% of today's pop music.

A man ahead of his time.

Crafty Corner:

I inherited a Shaker style three drawer antique maple dresser from my grandmother that she had as a child and was her mother's before. It's over a hundred years old and sat in a storage room for years until recently when I felt the creative urge to redecorate.

I'm so tired of my current antique look with the wood tones all over the living room and have been looking into more modern styles of furniture, but I don't really have the money to go out and buy new stuff. The easiest way to redecorate on a budget is with paint. So I got out my craft paints and sponges and got to work.

First off I sanded the original stained finish down to the bare wood.

Then I taped off sections of the dresser and mixed a paint scheme.

I wish I could say this was an easy project but it took me a really long time to complete.

Three weeks to be exact as I kept changing my mind.

Painting and repainting.

Adding some details like the bead work trim and knocking off skirting, etc.

What do you think of the finished product?

Homo Eros:

I'm porny!

I have the urge to post porn. Never really posted that much except for illustration purposes but once you tell me I can't then I really want to.

70's leather porn is especially a favorite! Whenever I see it I wonder about the models? Are they still with us? It was just moments away from the pandemic of A.I.D.S. Some are still here like Bruno but many perished. It's about the sexual revolution and the free lifestyle of men willing to pose for such pictures. Surely they lived the lifestyle as well. I was there out and about in 1980. One day it was that gay cancer in New York and San Francisco the next day it was in my own bar.

Lesbian porn! Is that even a subject? In this picture from some odd trade show (do lesbians do trade?) A WAC'ish stewardess prudishly inspects a futurisitic version of her chic uniform, a wildly inappropriate short skirt, as if the fabric concerned her. You know she wants to slip her pinky toward the giant camel toe. Miss Camel Toe seems to dig it.

I'm thinking this weekend is just the right weather to wear my biker coat and a pleated frilly number. I'm tired of the millennials setting the tone. Fuck That Shit! I want some Bohemian Hedonism and a nice little tea dance filled with 70's leather bikers lurking in the shadows. Some Lesbian trade will round it out nicely.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now:

During the recent attack on our freedom of porn speech, in which I became fond of the strikethrough, I set up shop over at Wordpress. The interface couldn't be more different and in the process of decorating I sort of got a renewed interest in the blog. I created new graphics and experienced a zing of creativity. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on the joint, Blogger/Google decided to back down.

Secretly I felt part of that decision in a, Don't You Tell Me What To DO, kind of way, even though I never received the official email from blogger telling me to clean up my act or face DELETION.

Logan's Run comes to mind where my 30 year old blog goes to Carousel to be renewed, floating up in the air and then exploding. The new blog has allure. Even though the graphics and colors are more vivid over at WP, I'm experiencing separation anxiety. I've abandoned my puppy to the blog city pound.

"So how long do you keep my blog before you put it down?"

"We make that decision as soon as you leave."

"So you're telling me that you're going to put my blog down as soon as I walk out the door?"

"We make that decision as soon as you leave."

Late last night I revisited the old blog one more time. "It's not such a bad little blog after all," as I gave the place the once over. Maybe a little sprucing up here and there, a little tweakin', and the black background goes away the text is now easier own my eyes. Maybe I'll keep it. I tweak and tweak and then pass out well after midnight. Then I receive an email this morning from Mistress MJ;

"Hello my lovely,

Over at your old Blogspot blog, you put a link to your new Wordpress blog but you put it in the comments box.

Be sure to make a new post on the old blog telling everyone where to find your new blog. I think that there are a number of people who don't know you've moved.


Mistress MJ"

The Clash popped into my head and I've been singing it all morning. I'm leaning toward staying but keeping my new puppy over at WordPress as an escape hatch, not that I don't think Yahoo won't pull the same porn trick one day, but also as a warning to Blogger that they don't scare me. I know how to write code, I'll self host and run my own, Pornarium, BITCHES!

Is it Porn or is it Art?

I figured I'd take the time to post as much porn art as possible before the encroaching March deadline.

Right Now:

Sometimes when I'm standing in line for Space Mountain I play a sort of meditation game to pass the time. It involves the possibility that somewhere in the world someone or something is the most special of its kind right now. That also means that it's only in the split second that I say right now that it exists. Then it either is replaced by another or it continues or it ceases to exist etc. It's usually about the time I get to 10 of them that I say to myself or someone says it to me, "Knock it off".

Todays "Right Now" is brought to you by Family Dollar and its endless line of people and their nonstop flip flops scuffling and the crazy bluetooth bitches seemingly talking to themselves.

Right now somebody is the smartest person ever.

Right now someone has the most beautiful hair in the world.

Right now one city in the U.S.A. has the worst quality drinking water. (Pensacola)

Right now there is an alternate universe where A.I.D.S. and 9/11 never happened.

Right now there is one banana more delicious than all of the other bananas anywhere.

Right now my right sinus feels like an ice pick has pierced it and into my brain right behind my eyeball.

Right now one man has the largest penis of all the men on the planet.

Right now somewhere in the world there is a woman with the same problem.

Right now you are older than you have ever been.

Right now the Earth is the oldest it has ever been.