Marry Him the Minute He Asks You:


The Supreme Court has decided that the revered institution of marriage is available to same sex couples across the land. Hurry Hurry Mississippians, Texans and Missourians, act fast before your states secede from the union and form their own countries.

I started this blog with a post about gay marriage. In it I proposed that gay men should boycott heterosexual establishments and only do business with other homosexuals. Gay I.D. required! Hairdressers, decorators and florists should refuse services to senators wives until they begged their husbands to let the gays get married already so they can get their hair done properly dammit. And, that's just the cliche occupations.

I'm happy about the decision even though I've no one to marry. Well, maybe there are a few prospects out there who are willing to call upon an old spinster for some courtin' and sparkin'. Perhaps this ruling will move us into the realm of legitimacy. No longer are we that odd bunch of perverts bufu'ing each other in a leather bar. It's nice to see a rainbow-pay-off at the end of a long gloomy national thunderstorm.

If this would have happened in the 1980's, we would not be talking. My dream of becoming a gay gold digging black widow would have been realized by now and I would be sitting in my New York penthouse planning a get away to my private island in the Bahamas.

It's never too late.

Mystery Revealed: Nita Talbot

Nita Talbot (born Anita Sokol, August 8, 1930) is an American actress. Talbot was a leading lady who spent the first decade or so of her career playing "slick chicks" and sharp-witted career girls, but is perhaps best known for her role as Marya, the "White Russian" spy in the 1960s sitcom Hogan's Heroes, as well as Sheila Fine in the sitcom Soap. Talbot received an Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the 1967–1968 season of Hogan's Heroes. Talbot also had long-running roles in Search for Tomorrow and General Hospital. On "GH", she had the recurring role of Delphina from 1981 to 1983 (and again in 1992), Tiffany Hill's old friend who took over designing Luke and Laura's wedding.

Poor Babes:

When I was little and I would stay with my grandparents I would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and get frightened because I couldn't remember where I was or how I got there. That strange sensation still occurs when camping out at a friends place or some odd hotel. If you think about it, you are most vulnerable while sleeping and I feel that it must be some internal way of keeping you safe from harm. Anyway my grandmother would peek into the room then sit by the bed and sing me back to sleep with this lullaby;

"Oh don't you remember a long time ago
two poor little babes whose names I don't know
were stolen away one bright sunny day
and left in the woods, so I've heard people say

They tried and they tried to get out they cried
those poor little babes they laid down and died
and when they were dead the robin so red
brought strawberry leaves and over them spread"

Thanks Grandma! Now I'm going to have nightmares.

In some way it was oddly comforting and to this day when I wake in a strange place I sing the tune until I fall back asleep.