It's Raining in Florida:

Somewhere in a dingy trailer park in Oklahoma, Anita Bryant weeps tremendous tears for the children of Florida.

It's a Barbra Day:

Not just any ole Barbra.

Jim Bailey as Barbra.

The best Barbra in the world.

He's better than Barbra.

Beauty Contest:

Nothing terribly sensational about a vintage beefcake bodybuilder contest. Except that I swiped these photos from a local blogger that I follow and whose father was a prolific photographer. He takes the old archived negatives and reprints them and then posts them on his blog. As far as I know I'm the only person who even visits. Anyway, I didn't ask permission to borrow these images so that we can ogle them on my not so family friendly haunt. I'm sure it's not that hard to track down my deceivery so I offer my apologies and thanks in advance.

Photo credits go to:

Click to embiggen and commence the ogling.

That Terrifying Moment When:

After you park your car in the underground parking garage, knowing that it violates all of your survival instincts, and you make your way to the elevator only to round the corner and find yourself face to face with Darth Vader.

It kind of reminds me of the reason why I hate to go into the basement.

Flip the Switch:

Swiped this from the restroom of the abandoned Gulf service station I've been turning tricks in lately. I kept flipping the switch to alert the attendant that I filthied it up and that it was in need of cleaning and fresh supplies. The flashing signal is apparently burned out.

Today I moved down the street to the abandoned Sinclair. 

How to Decorate:

Today's How to Decorate lesson involves lawn ornamentation, specifically, concrete lawn ornamentation.

Symmetry is KEY! Incorporate concrete elements then edit as needed.

For our Florida friends, why not fashion a flamboyance of flamingos for the front yard.

Holiday Inspirations? Create a warren of rabbits for Easter made of lime.