Patti Deutsch:

Years ago Norma and I had a conversation regarding "Commercial Ladies". Ladies who show up in many commercials and apparently make a living from being commercial ladies. Some even climb the ladder to become game show regulars like, Patti Deutsch, who sadly passed away Saturday. Red hair and a nasal tone set her apart from the usual commercial ladies and this one for Safeguard features several up and coming stars.

Farewell Patti you will be missed.


That time when the neighbors, Martin and Carol, showed up for the clothing optional pool party and had too many Margaritas...


I recently saw the movie SPY with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham etc.
Mostly Jason Statham.
It was mostly Jason Statham and mostly the reason I needed to watch it.

It's actually a funny movie. It's not why we're here today though. It's the lush James Bond influenced opening number, "Who Can You Trust" that's sung with a very Shirley Bassey approach. I just assumed it was K.D. Lang. So I went looking for it using (K.D. Lang spy theme) with no results. Then searched (Spy the movie theme) and came up with Ivy Levan.