This Halloween:

Since the grocery store opened across the street and they have one of those safe trick-or-treating parties, I no longer feed the hordes of begging adults, with their excuses for trick-or-treating, their children. Soon as they finish cleaning out the grocers they head straight for my house. Last year I gave away $40.00 of candy in 20 minutes. No more! Enough!

I found this handy sign. I plan to put it out as soon as I get home, turn off the lights and hang out in the backyard with a bonfire.

What are your plans?


  1. Thankfully this American tradition is one we have ignored for decades, despite the fact it has taken off somewhat over here, as all American trends eventually do. The small children and greedy adults can knock/ring as hard as they like but they can sod off as far as we're concerned. Hallowe'en is for witches, after all. Jx

  2. Great sign!

    This Hallowe'en, I plan on admiring your blossoms. (See my Oct. 31 post)

    1. So appropriate that I'm featured on Halloween!

  3. I was sat up in bed on Halloween night, clutching my imaginary pearls in horror as the planchette of my Ouija board spelt out the name Pazuzu.

  4. My building has a locked front door and another lock on the elevator AND a security guard. Dirty little rats never had a chance at getting to me.