While we are speaking in onomatopoeia,

"Girl, what did that girl just say, girl?" This queen is giving basic boot camp for drag queens as she throws an arsenal of things a young queen should be able to do before she hits the stage or even the make-up chair.

For those living in other countries that block U.S. Youtube the artist is Todrick Hall and the song is, "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels".


  1. This is surely the new "Gay National Anthem" - and I WANT THOSE PINK GLOVES!! Jx

  2. I can't stop humming it around the house. I say, "Wash for me, wash for me, cook for cook for me! So far it hasn't worked.

    The gloves are the best.

  3. So good I watched it twice. "Fan me, fan me" and I am pleased to report that I can still drop em.