Can’t blog now. Too busy. Busy busy busy. Sometimes it sucks to be so fabulous. Especially at Christmas time. Everybody wants you to sling Christmas up at their houses.


I mean a twelve foot tree with a glacier of shiny silver laced through it with 800,000,000 dozen ornaments...and it’s still not enough? Lady your tree is eating ornaments. What do you want from me? I made a $1000 wreath from scratch out of $2.00 worth of shit. My fingers are bleeding.

I’ve begun to hate Christmas.


  1. I find that Grey Goose helps.

  2. At the moment, Miss J feels the same. The office tape roller won't cut the damn tape. But it will bloody your finger in a hot damn second.

  3. I find that GETTING goosed helps.

  4. XL: You know I have to say that part of my problem has been DUI (deco-ratin’ under the influence).

    Miss J: I fuckin’ hate having to share a tape roller! Or a stapler or binder clips and pliers.

    Princess: I know...I’m the Grinch. But thankfully my good good friend Barb Streisand has been kind enough to sing Christmas for me on heavy rotation between Vanessar Williams and Marihar K-ree. I love Christmas music. Don’t tell anyone but pass it along. Also I have a huge southern drawl at the moment.

    MJ: Goosin’s good. But what I really want is a hand job from Santa. Also don't be tryin' to steal my stapler, bitch. I need it for Santa's hand job.

    Jason: Tit’s you say? I happen to have three mind you, huge silver glitter tit balls that I’m gonna take a pitcher of just for you.

  5. I don't know why I do it -- put up a tree and all the work that comes with it. I'm still hopeful, perhaps, that something magical will happen on December 25th. Silly, isn't it?

  6. i don't care if your fingers are bleeding, you're $998.00 richer! (i presume she bought the wreath).