The other day I was wondering what has become of my good, good internet friend Viva Las Vegas? She being the President of the Mean Dirty Pirate Internet Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club had been remiss in her monthly Farrah’s World Newsletter.

She was planning a pilgrimage to Hollywood and a vigil for Farrah Fawcett’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Shrine. I suppose she walked the whole way to Hollywood because months later this little item appeared in my mailbox;

I'm back bitches!

So I finally made it to Hell-A, and am absolutely appalled they dissed our Miss Fawcett at the Oscars!
Idiots! What do they know?
Why, Myra Breckinridge should have won its own Oscar!

Farrah will live on forever, in our hearts and in our hair styling salons!
I promised you a photo of a most holy pilgrimage to Farrah Fawcett's Majors sacred Hollywood Star shrine on Sunset & Sycamore!
And here it is!

Yes, you may post this photo on your blog if you wish.
I only hope that it might inspire everyone to follow their dreams, to never stop believing, to never stop disco dancing, and to always remember that Charlie's Angels Season One was the best ever (and to just fast-foward Season 4 with Shelley Hack).
Lather, rinse, repeat, fluff!

Goodbye John Forsythe a.k.a. Charlie!


“Viva Los Angeles”

Welcome back Viva it’s a relief to know that you are alright and are back to your pilgrimage duties. Also I renamed you. Now get busy with your newsletter and we have to plan a long overdue wake and burial for the Farrah Fawcett Styling Head!


  1. Have either of you received any messages from beyond?

    I have a feeling the styling head might start speaking!

  2. "I have a feeling the styling head might start speaking!"

    In the voice of Charlie, I bet.

  3. Miss J hopes she swabbed them decks before taking a seat...

  4. 值得一看再看的格子,多謝分享.........................