Happy Birthday Mrs. President:

I like to think that if Marilyn had lived to be 83 she would be campier than Mae West or Raquel Welch. She originates completely new unseen before articles of fashion. She’s responsible for creating new genres of music, art, theater and dance. She cooks up home-cures for all of the world’s disease, successfully implements world peace at the same time discovering new species and continents where she unearths a metal more precious than gold or platinum creating a new world economy. The computer is Marilyn’s idea you know?

It all ended too soon.


  1. The one to the right looks like Madonna.

    It's uncanny.

  2. OMG! One of my bitches is here!

    Apolgies, MDP. I just can't control them.

    Hello Petra. I see you're using your drag name instead of 'CyberPoof'.

  3. Yay finally some action around here! It’s been a giant cavernous empty space filled with the echo of my own whistling...Welcome Cyber-Petra it’s such a relief to have visitations. Mistress you have permission to ‘loosen the lot’ of the BITCHES on me anytime it suits you.

  4. Well now that giant cavernous empty space is filled with the stench of pickled Herring.

    "Petra" as he's calling himself these days, is Danish.