Marry Him the Minute He Asks You:


The Supreme Court has decided that the revered institution of marriage is available to same sex couples across the land. Hurry Hurry Mississippians, Texans and Missourians, act fast before your states secede from the union and form their own countries.

I started this blog with a post about gay marriage. In it I proposed that gay men should boycott heterosexual establishments and only do business with other homosexuals. Gay I.D. required! Hairdressers, decorators and florists should refuse services to senators wives until they begged their husbands to let the gays get married already so they can get their hair done properly dammit. And, that's just the cliche occupations.

I'm happy about the decision even though I've no one to marry. Well, maybe there are a few prospects out there who are willing to call upon an old spinster for some courtin' and sparkin'. Perhaps this ruling will move us into the realm of legitimacy. No longer are we that odd bunch of perverts bufu'ing each other in a leather bar. It's nice to see a rainbow-pay-off at the end of a long gloomy national thunderstorm.

If this would have happened in the 1980's, we would not be talking. My dream of becoming a gay gold digging black widow would have been realized by now and I would be sitting in my New York penthouse planning a get away to my private island in the Bahamas.

It's never too late.


  1. It's never too late to dig gold!
    Get yourself gussied up in your best stripper heels and head on down to the hospital.
    There might be a crowd, however.

  2. I'm thrilled. Even 10 years ago, I would have said I'd never live to see this day.

  3. I'm just taking a break from a well-deserved nap. There may be hope for the USA yet...
    Well, back to bed, I'll think about gold-digging later.

  4. And about time too! I'm far too flighty for marriage.