Shanda's Christmas Victory:

So last year we had a rare viewing of my 1983 film, “These Christmas Decorations are Shocking”. A video made to entertain guests at a Christmas party. It was really about the Emerald City, a homo bar, whom the owner would over decorate his yard and make a holiday destination/spectacle for all the townsfolk to ride by and ooh and ahh about.

The next year the hosts asked me to do another one. My cohort in this crime Roy Magee had the brilliant idea to make more fun of the homo bar owner, Corky. That was fine by me since I was out of ideas anyway. My story stemmed from some of the jokes at the party the year before about the fact that if he added another strand of lights to his yard he would plunge the whole town into total darkness.

I decided to make Corky a villain. I renamed him Corkscrooge and invented the idea that he steals all the power to run his lights leaving the villagers without electricity. We needed a central character and owing to the fact that he hated women, calling them FISH, I created a heroine. So enter Shanda Leer.

Thrill to the action as Shanda saves the day all in the name of womanhood.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to us all…especially women.


  1. Brought tears to my eyes honey, tears. Thank you for restoring the magic of the season.

  2. Thanx Mr Pirate,
    I needed a good laugh and this did it for me. Thank you for saving Christmas for all women....

  3. Sell this to the BBC Ayem8y, it could prove a winner in next year's television Christmas ratings war. In it's remake viewers could see Miriam Margolyes playing Ms Gloria Steinmart giving birth to an illegitimate baby whilst sat on the toilet, the father's identity will be revealed in a special double length edition on Christmas day. Poor Shanda Leer (played by Su Pollard) is trapped in a blazing inferno in corky's beer cellar. How did she get in there? The public will only find out how, why and if she escapes the fire in the New Year's Eve special. I can't wait.