Crazy Curtis's House:

A couple of years ago I wrote about my neighbor Crazy Curtis who attacked a code enforcement officer with a meat clever. The officer was trying to serve him a citation for littering his lawn with junk.

I say it was art, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The house has remained vacant since his incarceration and impending hearing. The door has been wide open and not a soul has dared enter the scene until the other day I returned to the vacant house with my camera.

The following is actual footage of the squalid conditions in which Curtis lived.

A window into the mind of the crazy.

*Warning not for the squeamish or neat freak housekeepers*


  1. omg you so crazy!

    that was creepy as hell.

  2. Like Company B says
    I'm fascinated.

    You seriously need to consider documentary filmmaking.

    Still, I want to see him walking around in a diaper fastened with "Bobby Pins or what not" like "Jason" on 4 at 4 says.

  3. O sister, you are so much braver than me. I would never have made it past the front door. Certainly not all the way back into the kitchen. And please tell me that was a wig and not a scalp.

  4. Lupine Cottage £750 ppm

    A beautifully presented former pine boarded cattle shed situated in a semi rural hamlet, with stunning idyllic mature gardens, detached, highly characterfully decorated throughout, fully fitted lightbulbs and switches. South facing, Stinks of cat's piss.

    * (NB ppm means pounds per Monday, not month as some have tried to argue.

    ** (NB PPM can also means pounds per minute and does in this case.)

  5. You must have an amazing constitution - I almost vomited just watching.

  6. I want to watch, but the video won't start! I bought a neon sign for my husband and when it arrived, it was broken. There was only one listing in the yellow pages for neon repair. I showed up at this man's house and he was one of the worst hoarders I've ever seen. Small pathways throughout the house, junk piled ceiling high, overflowing cat boxes and his "art" everywhere. His art was female mannequins torn to pieces...body parts everywhere. When it was time to pick up the sign, I insisted a friend go with me. Scary shit!

  7. Watched...How the fuck does this happen to people?! Sad and disturbing. I'm off to throw away my newspaper that I read this morning.

  8. Crazy Curtis wins my How Not To Decorate Contest.

    Hands down.

  9. Dear God, It's me, Felix. I promise, no, I Swear I will never ever again go to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, church thrift shop or yard sale ever, ever again. Please don't let me end up like Crazy Curtis, although I don't think I could because as you know guns and bullets and knives and stuff really, really scare me, but still. And I stopped buying lotto scratchers 'cause I never win here in California. You remember how I always used to win in the DC one? Wonder what happened? Anyway God please, please don't let me be like Crazy Curtis.


  10. This has the makings of a Reality Show: Mean Dirty Pirate Cleans for Crazy Curtis.

  11. Eeeeww! It smells terribly, Miss J just KNOWS it.

  12. EEEEK! Where do you live, Detroit? (Yes, there ARE sailors in Detroit!)

    The man likes his fans, that's fo sho. The music made it even scarier.

  13. Despite the warnings I watched. And nearly peed ice cubes. This is right next door? How in God's name did you sleep at night minus a sawed-off shotgun nearby?

    Did 'Crazy Curtis' keep to himself? Jesus GAWD! Still, I'm intrigued by the silent madness that creates such artistry as hanging shit from the ceiling and labeling some such machine "murder." Go figure. Great balls for going inside, dude. Now I'm off to scrub myself.

  14. Is it wrong that I was scanning for collectibles like the Panton chair and vintage ephemera?