President's Day:

To celebrate President's Day lets make an Abraham Lincoln $5.00 money origami bow for your hair.

To begin take an ordinary $5.00 bill. Older bills work better as the portrait of Abe is centered.

Fold in half.

Fold corners into the crease line.

Both sides.

Now fold one flap at the crease line.

Now the other.

Fold back all four corners.

Now open the bill like a butterfly and carefully smooth out the portrait.

Your Abe Lincoln $5.00 money origami hair bow is now ready to be worn to the local mall and spent on junk at the food court or at the Dollar Tree.

Balding men or men with thin hair may opt for an Abe Lincoln $5.00 money origami bow tie.


  1. That is just SO clever!! I'll have to give it a try.

  2. How cute would this be for the boys at the Corner Pocket?

  3. 5 US Dollars = 5.25 Canadian Dollars.

    Gimme that.