Ya’ll I growd up with this shit!

Many Sundays looking out of the arched Gothic stained glass windows of First Baptist Church toward the lawn and the gold leafed eagle spinning in the wind on the Beaux Arts state capital.

Many summers spent in Natchez with my aunt Linda who was a card carrying member of the garden club looking at beautiful architecture and antebellum plantation homes. Many swamps and cotton fields on the way to grandma’s house and muscadine vines that I have in my backyard today.

Many, many beautiful women who hold a title. Have I told you that being a handsome gay man has provided me with introduction to the most beautiful women in the world? It’s true I’ve met them all! WE HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MISS AMERICA’S of all time!

Katrina may have leveled the levy’s in New Orleans but it wiped out Miss'ippi but it didn’t hold them back, they just clung to trees and vowed to build it all back.

And I gamble on Choctaw casina’s!

"Go, Mississippi, keep rolling along,
Go, Mississippi, you cannot go wrong,
Go, Mississippi, we're singing your song,


  1. Just beautiful!

    But not quite as much as Miss Mary Ann Mobley.

  2. I’m picturing you as Miss Pensacola.

    Until the judges discover that a photo of your ass was published on the Internet.

    Now I’m picturing your crown being snatched off your head (along with your wig) as the runner-up assumes the title.

  3. I could never hold a candle to Mary Ann...but she might just hold a candle up to my face...It burns it burns.

    MJ Am I to assume that you are the Miss Brazil runner up?

  4. No, but I've HAD a Brazilian.

  5. Me too, he was really good.

    I'm sure you've had a gazillion Brazilians!