On The Road Again:

I’ll be traveling along county road 39 and up into service road 27 then down the alligator corridor a piece and servicing the gents that frequent those roadside attractions. Namely ME. In the meantime have you met my new video friends?

Meet Tyra Hammond:

Meet Karolina:

Meet Ed Royal:

Also enjoy young flesh kicking a ball and hanging on a beach someplace:


  1. Enjoy your road trip! And do work too hard servicing all those gents!

  2. down the alligator corridor

    Is that what you’re calling it these days?

  3. Or your legs akimbo in the cab?

  4. Akimbo

    Is that some sort of card game? My elderly gents like a good card game afterwards...maybe I should learn how to play.

  5. Or Chinese checkers by the trees.

    Something will be foaming on the ground around your knees, but September is a bit late for yellow cotton, n'est-ce pas?