Obscene Intuition:

au-teur [ oh-tur ] –noun,

A filmmaker whose individual style and complete control over all elements of production give a film its personal and unique stamp.

Early on in my film career I was inspired by (ripped off) the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. It’s one of my favorite shows. The suspense the ironic endings the creepy music the stars and the sixties sensibility. It had it all.

I used to read Alfred Hitchcock’s Bedtime Stories when I was a child. I watched every movie he ever made. Tuned in faithfully to the reruns of the show, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. So one day I set about writing a story that I felt captured the feeling of an Alfred Hitchcock Hour plotline. The result was, Obscene Intuition.

It’s one of my best pictures and tonight’s, Mystery Movie of the Week.

Once again it’s an ambitious effort around twenty-five minutes long. Recently restored and now with 25% more Millie Hedgehog, I like feature length films. Starring myself and my cousin and once again she’s really good this time. Press play then pause and let it buffer for a while then hit play and once again stick with it you won’t regret it once again, once again.

Enjoy your viewing or don't of Obscene Intuition


  1. I shall watch this later when I'm flat on my back, er, I mean when I'm comfortably reclining with my laptop.

    Funny you should mention Hitchcock, as just yesterday I was thinking about how much I enjoyed his movies and his TV series and wondering if anyone is making any good current psychological thrillers on DVD that I could watch.

    Seen any lately?

  2. I was expecting an "Mmm hmm" from you!

  3. Well, you know. It sure beats poker and bowling, bowling and poker and is certainly better than another viewing of "Blue Hawaii."

  4. I let it buffer right to the end but still no joy. So I watched the Sorcerer's apprentice on Youtube instead, with the lovely Diana Dors.

  5. Damn I really want you to see it! I’m going to post it to Youtube just for Mitzi.

  6. yeay! Finally it worked.
    And Brava!

    I think I need some Red Zinger now.

  7. I kept waiting for the bare arse scene, to no avail.

  8. Miss J enjoyed every minute.

    If Miss J didn't pay someone to do her vacuuming, she would booze it up while vacuuming too.

  9. Mitzi I’m out of town at the moment but I’m working hard to split the movie so I can upload it to youtube for you…hang tight.

    Jason I’m glad you enjoyed it but watch out for Red Zinger…it packs a wallop you know…

    TJB No arse scene this is a PG affair…My arse is shown to its best advantage in my feature porn debut…Truck Stop Trollop.

    Miss J I’ve been watching you…you’re alone…you are very beautiful…I love Miss J and had I met you many years ago I’m sure you would have been one of my movie victims and probably a star by now…It’s never too late for both of us to be rich and famous.Especially the rich part and we can pay people to do everything for us...

  10. Very thoughtfull post on Intuition. It should be very much helpfull.

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