Viva Las Vegas:

Faithful reader of this blog and President of the Mean Dirty Pirate Internet Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club and Editor in Chief of the Mean Dirty Pirate Internet Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club Official Newsletter, Laura has gone and become a genuine STARLET!

She’s also gotten herself a brand new blogger I.D. Ladies and Gentleladies please welcome back to the stage for the very first time, Viva as in Viva Las Vegas.

Viva was so kind to forward me her news accompanied by this glossy official photo that includes her. She’s starring in an extra capacity in the major Hollywood Summer Movie, The Hangover!

Viva said,

"My husband has a Speaking Role & Screen Credit as the Pit Boss in a scene with Heather Graham!

As for me...I worked as an extra in the film.

You can see me (just above the baby) in this "official" photo...people say I look a lot like Cybill Shepherd...sorry Farrah!

Or you just might see me walking by as the sunburned man is helped into the car in front of Caesar's...look at the left corner of the screen...whoops, blink and you missed me pointing at the fountain with another lady."

Amazing! I’ve been anxious to see this film but now I have a reason too.

Congratulations to the next Farrah Fawcett, Ms Laura/Viva!


  1. So *that's* who that was?!
    I've been wondering and wondering ever since I saw the film!
    She's wonderful in that part. :)

    The movie was pretty funny too.

  2. How does Laura find the time to act AND be the President of the Mean Dirty Pirate Internet Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club and Editor in Chief of the Mean Dirty Pirate Internet Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club Official Newsletter?

    I've been poolside at Caesar's Palace.

    With cocktails, of course.

  3. Uh...well...thanks for the great write up, Mean Dirty Pirate! And let this be a lesson to all of you (and me) that the Pirate will publish everything you write if you ever email him!

    Actually, my husband is the big star in this one (SAG member)...he is the Pit Boss who helps Heather Graham after she falls down and asks,"Are you ok?"
    But, yes it was cool to find myself in one of the "official photos"on the film site.

    I've been working as an extra from time to time over the last 4-5 years or so, and it's fun. Every project I work on is supposed to be THE NEXT BIG THANG, and it never is, as I usually get edited out on the cutting room floor anyway. But it is nice to be in a hit for a change!

    Enjoy the movie!
    Viva Las Vegas!

  4. Please forgive my impetuous nature Viva I should have asked your permission first. I apologize to thee if’n I offend.

    But HELLO your in a MOVIE!

    *Here’s a little plug for ya...wink*

    “Tension Ever’body y’all all go see the Major Motion Picture, The Hangover, starring my next husband, Bradley Cooper, and featuring the talents of VIVA!”

  5. Awwwwww.....Viva sends Ciroc VIP Bottle Service to the Pirate's Cove...cheers!

    Bradley Cooper is indeed a hottie!
    But how exactly does he fit into "two degrees of separation" from Ms Fawcett, you might ask? Thank you, I'm glad you asked this question.

    Mr. Cooper has signed on to play Dirk Benedict's role of "Faceman" in the new A-Team Movie! (No word yet on who will be playing Mr. T!) As you Charlie's Angels fans already know, Dirk Benedict was a special guest star in no less than 3 Charlie's Angels episodes: Angels on Wheels, The Blue Angels & The Jade Trap.

    Thanks for playing Farrah trivia!

    PS: Hands off Bitches!
    The Pit Boss is MINE!

  6. Damn - I have been outplayed by the gorgeous Viva!

    My father appeared for 16 seconds as "man arguing in casino scene" in the Arnold Schwarzenegger epic "Raw Deal" - and my brother's VW bus was featured in the mob scene of the Stephen King/Corey Haim classic - "Silver Bullet."

    You win!

    Well played, my lovely!

  7. There's no such thing as bad press! I think Farrah said that...

  8. Golly!
    You Southern Gentlemen sure are charming! It really can turn Fellow Farrah Fan's head!

    I used to live in Florida way back '93-'95 in the town that busted Pee Wee! (Sarasota..that is - home of the "Sarasota Sailors" which is definitely MUCH better than being one of the "Tarpon Springs Sponges"!) Anyway...I never did actually meet Pee Wee, but we did have a shrine to him in our living room!

    Mekka lekka hi mekka heiney-ho!
    Mekka lekka hi mekka Johnny-ho!