Name That Puppy:

I’m pleased to report that the puppy’s progress is progressing along nicely. He’s the cutest little thing ever and Shareeka has adopted him as her very own. She makes him do what she wants and essentially is my puppy trainer, I don’t do a thing. I just don‘t know what I would do without her, Shareeka has been such a good little helper during this time of transition.

So...Without any further fanfare it gives me great pleasure to announce that I’m about 90% certain that the puppy will be named 2-Pack. BUT,

After a whopping 44 votes the Name That Puppy contest is moving right along. The judges have been busy tallying all day and THE very finalists are as follows, leading the pack is 2-Pack with a whopping 21% of the votes with absolutely no interference, mischief or hanky panky on my part from the state of Florida and next up we have Rico Suave and Mugsy tied for second and lastly Walter, Algonquin (Gonq) a favorite of mine and Cha Cha Heels rounding out third.

Hurry up and,