Luxury Girls:

Just when the economy hits the skids I decide to be rich. My timing sucks. I can’t handle being poor another minute with the misery and the poverty and the boat with the hungry mouths getting a little full lately.

The more the miserable but damn it to hell I wanted to be a Luxury Girl! By the looks of the recruiting poster you don’t have to be very young or attractive and the job descriptions look simple enough. Four departments; devious, amoral, wiley, and naive, all of which I excel.

Depressions are so depressing what with all the strict codes of behavior, no conspicuous consumption, no more luxury goods, no more Luxury Girls. Oh why has everyone stopped buying Luxury Girls?

I hate being poor...I’m always poor...Like when playing the game of LIFE I’ll draw the luxury career card plus luxury salary card then loose it to another player. Damn you game of LIFE!


  1. Oh, darling, you're far too fabulous to emulate these Poverty Row hussies.

    You and I just need to find a suitable Loco, and we'll be Pola and Schatze instead.

  2. I would volunteer to be Loco, but now I have my heart set on being Pereira, a name which I can't pronounce and which sounds like it might be a skin condition.

  3. I wanna be Pola.

    Okay Schatze you find a nice expensively furnished vacant penthouse apartment in New York and Peenee and I will join you. Just don’t start selling off the stuff till we get there!

    Look it Loco you won’t ever find a suitable millionaire like a Mr. Cadillac if your case of Pereira doesn’t clear up soon.

  4. Now I know what my grandmother was talking about when she used the phrase "naked as a blue jay," and an Eljay, and a Beejay.

  5. It's very fashionable of you to feign poverty at this moment in time, I commend you.

  6. this must be pre-russ meyer...