Sorry to have not updated the web log in a more responsible and timely manner, I have to put that on the agenda, “Mrs. Hightower could you take an agenda for me?"

Note 1.

First Paragraph,

"Make an agenda of my agenda and then stick it in my agenda!”

I’ve been a regular social butterball lately attending to royalty and stuff. The king and queen of Spain stopped by Pen-tha-cola for a visit.

Four hundred and fifty years?


Has it really been four hundred years now?

And fifty.

So me an a couple a friends decide to mosey on down to the city square to see what all the fuss was about. We arrive on a gorgeous spring day to Plaza Ferdinand VII and stake claim to a location overlooking a bust of Andrew Jackson. We have a clear shot of the makeshift Dias across the street at the T.T. Wentworth museum where their royal majesties are putting in an appearance.

It’s odd in that I’m standing in the very location where Andrew Jackson informed the townspeople of the cession of Pensacola and much of West Florida from Span and that Pensacola was now the capital of the Florida Territory.

The local news reporter was the makeshift announcer and obviously had never presided over such an event or had any knowledge of royal protocol. He would try to muster the crowd by getting them to hoop and holler. Somehow ‘whoat’ just did not seem an appropriate response.

The king was dashing and spoke English with the most beautiful accent and expressed his interest in history. The history of his ancestor who instigated Pensacola as the first settlement in the new world. Of course that settlement was destroyed by a hurricane two years later as it often happens around here but not before they infected the local population of peace loving Indians with European disease, alcohol, and tobacco.

The real question of the day had to be, “Who was the queen wearing?” It was a plain ordinary simple suit in a divine shade of lemon grass green. Really it was all anybody could talk about.

The best part of the day was crowd watching with a camera. Nobody objects because everybody has a camera aimed in their direction. The dowagers were out in full force. That’s (doe-waggers) for the uninitiated. And this guy...


  1. Oh my...I just love a queen in lemony green!

    And that Spanish one was nice too.

    How fabulous!
    Too bad they didn't swing around here...we could use a bit more royalty around here tomorrow.

  2. History in the long view is a great chastener. Spain used to be a terrifying world titan. Now its greatest goal is to be a top tourism destination. Hmmm.... what major world power could be facing a comeuppance next (thank you George Bush)?

  3. Nothing like a stern stud with a hard case in hand.

  4. i've been to pensacola and it is lovely. and the beaches are wonderful!!! went to ft. pickens for a little nudity! yes,nudity. its a gorgeous place...

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