The Family In The Attic:

Special Mega Picture Holiday Edition Of The Family In The Attic:

Well it’s that special time of year when I let the family out of the attic to enjoy the holiday season. It’s much easier to decorate for Christmas when the ghost of Christmas past dwells in the rafters. Much of these kitschy knick-knacks are still up there. The eternally red floral arrangements flanked by red-flocked reindeer? Yep they’re here including missing bits of flock from the mice chewing on them over the decades. What about that silver aluminum Christmas tree with rotating color wheel spotlight? Yep it’s also here.

Let’s take the tour shall we?

We arrive at our destination to find a bright and friendly front door wrapped in shiny paper to look like a present. Isn’t that the most creative thing you ever saw? I’ve never seen that done before.

Seasonal fragrances overwhelm once inside this warm and cozy cottage. The eye is immediately drawn to the mantle that is fully decorated and features Santa’s sleigh filled to the brim with a red plastic floral bouquet pulled by a pair of reindeer.

Everyone needs to have one of these things.

Ideals magazine was once bursting with crafty holiday decorating projects back in the day like these gold spray painted pinecones and magnolia leaves accented by red tapers and faux poisonousettias.

The right side of the mantle is obviously reserved for this delightful display. No it’s not Rudolph the red nose reindeer but just everyday ordinary red-flocked reindeer trotting through a field of silver aluminum tinsel and balls. Brass sticks with gold candles add that certain touch of elegance.

Mother is mighty proud of her silver tree. Meticulously adorned with pink balls awash in a drifting bank of snow. Mother sports a powder blue housedress with white lace appliqué and slippers. Silver coiffure and cat glasses match the tree and complete this harmonious ensemble.

Grandma the tireless director of decorating activity takes a moment to rest and pose for a snapshot in a slipper chair upholstered in scratchy pink Lurex fabric that matches the drapery and balls. Actually she never moved because she directs all of the household activity from this location. She’s been wearing the same black mourning dress forever. Uncomfortable point-toe pumps accompany the somber silhouette.

The holiday table has been set and the candles have been lit. Papa is eager to dig into this holiday supper that his hard earned dollars have provided. The feast is fit for this king, featuring the seldom-used china; the even more seldom used silver service and the avocado green electric bun warmer that’s never been used.

Afterwards the happy sated family gathers in the parlor to sing carols and read aloud the glorious sentiments inscribed inside the many numerous greeting cards taped to the doorway. Examples include, “Seasons Greetings from Navy Federal Credit Union” and “Happy Holidays to you and yours from Dr. Alvin Reed DDS”.

Everyone’s favorite older sister and Breck girl is outfitted in a navy pea coat inspired frock. Her dashing husband attired in olive drab permanent press slim fitting slacks escorts her. The families only grandchild harnessed in a seasonal red pea coat inspired polyester smock accompany the lovely couple.

Our pretty little budding ballerina takes a moment to lounge in front of the tree striking a nimble grownup pose. She’s minutes away from readying herself for her grand debut at the family parlor makeshift stage for tonight’s thrilling rendition of the Nutcracker.

Now ladies and gentlemen put your hands together and welcome to the stage tonight’s principal and only dancer, Mademoiselle Carleen. She will be performing all of the parts and characters for this evening’s ballet, The Nutcracker, to be executed in thirty-seven acts.

The moment the entire household has been anticipating has finally arrived, The Big Haul, the visit from Saint Nick. The glorious scene is filled with toys, gifts, and newly homespun outfits that have been provided for the happy family.

Carleen is rewarded for her lovely performance with a lemon yellow box crate bicycle with matching; whitewall tires, handle grips and a banana seat. Somehow I think Santa tipped off Carleen about this present, as she is dressed to match her gift.

The Family In The Attic:


  1. is that really your family?? very sweet. we had an aluminum tree with color wheel. didn't everyone? seems like a long time ago...

  2. No it's The Family In The Attic. Click the label at the bottom of the post entitled The Family In The Attic to get caught up on just who they are. Links are in BLUE.

    I love my aluminum tree and color wheel. I use it upstairs where everything is a little mod.

  3. oh dear! i'm glad that isn't your family. and you had me all nostalgic over the tree! love your blog. i even put some christmas shots on my blog...

  4. like your victorian house. what general area of the gulf do you live??

  5. Grandma Maude, the Matriarch sits back and reminisces about her christmases past, a tangerine here a candlette there, the first glimpse of angel hair around the baubles. As a special treat for Carleen the family had took her to the flicks to see the new Disney's film Sleeping Beauty. She was terrified, she screamed the place down and had to be taken out, she was enjoying the film until that bloody princess Aurora appeared and sang "Once Upon A Dream" with an owl and a couple of squirrels. All that panting! All that cooing! That peasant frock! The hair AAAAAAAAGH! Mother! Get me out of here!

  6. That is one of my favourite "FITA" you've done!


  7. BEST POST EVER! I freeking LOVE these pics! Who the HELL even decorates their tree in spirals?! That's too OCD even for me! And I swear that pic of Grandma... Spooked the shit outta me She looks so very very much like my dearly departed Nan...

    Oh so delicious and festive!

    Thanks for this!