Abra Cadabra Lessons:

Let’s all just get naked and make a pile shall we! We’ve graduated from beginners into horny sophomores that have sex...with groups. This is my favorite lesson and it packs in so much information about the customs and etiquette and social behavior one faces when servicing large crowds. It’s very specific about the number of guests you invite but it doesn’t say anything about you know...who you should invite and the quality of those invited or who gets to be the piñata.

Is everyone ready? Let's begin:

Lesson 5



  1. It's not letting me play Orgies.

    How to make a man burn with the flames of desire:

    you need:

    A tall candle about 10" in lenth, either white or lavender
    Lavender and musk oil
    A sharp knife
    A candle holder

    A love spell should always be performed on a Friday during the waxing phase of the moon. Friday is sacred to Venus the Goddess of Love.

    First take a warm bath, scented with fragrant oils of lavender, rosemary and Lily of the valley. Sprinkle rose petals over the surface of the water. Lie back and have a good, long soak, inhaling steam from the fragrant oils cleansing the mind as well as the body.

    Dry yourself and then go to your bedroom to perform this rite. It should be lit by the light of a red (for passion) and pink (for love) candle. burn incense and joss sticks to help create the perfect mood. You can either work your magic naked, or sky-clad as the witches prefer to say, or you can wear clothes if you wish. Pick something loose and comfy. If you choose the naked option then make sure you draw the curtains! close the door and make sure that you will not be disturbed secrecy is all in witchcraft.

    Lie on the bed and annoint the candle with lavender and musk oil, concentrate on the object of your desire, conjure up erotic visions in your mind of the two of you indulging in a bit of slap and tickle! Take your time when doing this as you need to impregnate the candle with your dreams and wishes. Squeeze the candle firmly as you massage the oils into the wax. When you feel that the candle is ready, cut six notches with the knife, makeing seven separate segments in the candle. place it securely in the holder and recite the following incantation in a husky seductive voice (it helps if you drink whisky and are a heavy smoker)

    You ache to taste my ruby lips
    To place you hands upon my hips
    This spell I'll whisper in your ear (Name) you can't resist,
    Come here, come here, (name) come here

    Recite the last part at least 10 times.

    Write your name on a small piece of paper of white paper, fold it in half and then light it. Take it to the candle and use it light the wick. When the candle is lit say the following:

    May a flame of desire burn in your heart
    Your senses awakened by this cupids dart.

    Stare into the flame, visualise your love's face in the centre of it, imagine you're holding a cross-bow, take aim and fire your arrow directly into the flame. The passionate arrow that you have mentally conjured up has scored a direct hit.

    Leave the candle to burn down to it's first notch. You can lie on your bed and listen to music (or even masturbate) thinking about your lover, willing him to come to you while this is happening. Extinguish the flame and repeat on seven consecutive nights by which time lover boy will come a callin and you will find yourself up those stairs so quickly you won't know what's hit you.

    If you don't like the smell of musk (I know I don't) you can opt for something else, use Tuberrose oil instead.

  2. I definitely, think she's right about that whole "dark of the moon" stuff.
    I mean the less light there is for an orgy, usually the better. Talk about a mood killer.

  3. I always found a glass of wine and my "come hither look" worked for me.

    BTW, is it just me or is there a human head in there with the pumpkins? (just below her left hand)