Olympic Boyfriends:

Since it has been brought to my attention that Jonathan Horton is underage I’ve decided not to see him anymore. Boy that was a close call with his mom calling every five minutes while I’m trying to enjoy our date at the Beijing Chucky Cheeze.

So anyway I’m moving on to basketball player Rodolfo Fernandez of Spain. Ooh RRRodolfo.

Just a little side note: If you’re the USA Basketball coach, a revered sportsman doesn’t pick his nose courtside. There’s cameras and really it’s just plain tacky.


  1. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better!
    Kitty approves!... of Senor Caliente! ... not the loser mining for gold.

  2. mmmmm i loves me some tall, dark, and hotttiiiieee..

  3. though something about this guy: http://bp3.blogger.com/_hE0TRpE-p8U/SA9_NijIQZI/AAAAAAAAEbw/nuWPTCfM79A/s1600-h/Ben+Wildman-Tobriner+6.jpg and http://www.paloaltodailynews.com/pics/padn/400xN/padn/2007-8-17-tobriner rocks my clock... mmmm Ben Wildman-Tobriner... mmmm. And some of the boys on the rowing team could totally row row row my boat all night long. ;)