Pensacola Babylon:

Years ago a friend was trying to explain all of the weird happenings in Pensacola. He said that the Chinese believe that circles of energy criss cross the planet and occasionally these circles converge creating a hot spot. The Bermuda Triangle is an example. Pensacola is believed to be one such convergence. Many strange things happen in this small town, too many in fact to be just random coincidences. The song New York New York has a line that says if you can make it there you’ll make it anywhere...well if you can make it in Pensacola then you probably won’t make it anywhere else because Pensacola is weird like that. It has a strange quality about it that unleashes the forces of karma upon deserving victims. The Pensacola universe conspires against those who dare to tempt the forces of good and evil. Better walk a fine line whilst dwelling in the Panhandle, one toe over the line and the spirits of the Oldest Settlement in America will rail up from the grave and smite you. To this end I present the sad and unfortunate end times of Dana Plato.

Excerpt from Morbidly Hollywood

“In 1999, Dana Plato was living with her fiancé, Robert Menchaca, and had been living in an RV park in Navarre, Florida. Dana was priming the pump for another shot at the big time that included an interview with Howard Stern. She made the interview, and was dead two days later.”

The RV park in question is located on Navarre beach which is connected to Pensacola Beach. I’m familiar with that particular RV park as I turn tricks and buy my drugs there on days when I work the beach. Just kidding...about the drugs. The moral of this story is, well I don’t think there is really any morality obtained from this one but, if you should find yourself in an RV park in Navarre then you can rest assured that you will be finally resting just two short days later.


  1. Wow, I had no idea I was treading in the celebrated footsteps of Dana Plato last time I was out there scoring crack in Navarre Beach.

    Why hasn't the tourism board or chamber of commerce or someone put together a walking tour???

  2. You know they really should just shrine that whole place off...really...that’s what they should do...and charge admission...