I got infected:

I’m BACK! Following a complete computer mental breakdown. I got an infection of which I could never quite recover. Finally broke down and got another computer. If only humans could replace their bodies like a new computer when they are infected with a VIRUS!

Dear Santa,

I have been very bad and naughty this year, but only to the people who deserved it. I recently suffered from a virus. I suppose it is KARMA. Anyway, I have prepared a list of toys and things that would suit me for Christmas, if you have run out of ideas...However, in lieu of toys and gifts I would like to ask you to do one thing for me. Please punish and smite the creators of computer viruses, particularly the TROJANS. Their an evil lot and should suffer horrible and unspeakable tortures. Please also punish their brethren ilk and cohorts in crime, the makers of Anti-Spyware programs, the ones who create the viruses in the first place, in their symbiotic quest for money.

P.S. Please place on the naughty list the following: McAfee, Norton Security, Philistines, and Shitites.

I really do believe in you,



  1. Welcome back Aye8ty. It hasn't been the same without you. Damn those pesky viruses!

  2. for the love of christ

    i was about to send out an APB on your ass

  3. m8y
    our computer coughed and died about the same time as yours and we had to buy a new one, too, and I share your outrage. Let me know what Santa says.

  4. can you put my name on that letter, too? I'll split the cost of the stamp with you.

  5. Welcome back!

    Sorry for your loss.

    As you can see, I am behind on people's posts.

  6. nothin' wrong with the trojans

  7. Can you even mail such a letter...? Anthrax & all (or the threat of it) will likely keep the letter from being delivered. Maybe you could email it -- as an attachment :p