The Family In The Attic:

Look who just dropped by, Aunt Bee's busy body neighbor Clara from the Andy Griffith Show and her handsome escort Junior Sample from Hee-Haw. They make a charming couple, Clara sporting an Italian top coiffure with her harvest hued slacks and matching woodland scene blouse, ever so dignified and Junior practically liking his lips in anticipation of a fine turkey dinner. Junior is wearing a lightweight powder blue short sleeve chemise coupled with a pair of dark brown tweed adjustable waist Sansabelt trousers. A pair of point toed wing tip pumps complete his ensemble. I bet he unbuttons his pants afterwards...

The Family In The Attic:

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  1. in anticpation "of a fine turkey meal" my foot.

    Did you *see* that "Italian top coiffure" on her?

    um hmm