It's the only true civic function we have left. Remember Civics? I don't think they teach those kinds of subversive courses these days. That and comportment and cursive handwriting, spelling, math, english, history and science, they've all been cut to reduce the budget. The world is a much better splace fer'it.

If you still feel the pang of patriotism (another forgotten notion) then trot on down to the polling station and cast your vote for the lesser of two evils.

In my case (the governor of Florida) it's down to,

The Vacillator, Charlie Crist


Rick (Skeletor) Scott

Or as we call him, Dick Snott.

May the best villain win.


  1. i know none of it is going to go well. just hope i'm not living in a fool's paradise thinking messrs. dayton & franken will emerge victorious.

  2. oh Lord, what a choice between two evils.
    Where's Satan when you need him??

  3. I always enjoy the voting day ritual. When I lived in Michigan, I especially liked that they used the old timey voting booths with the curtain and little levers. In Texas, it is always computer punch cards on those flimsy blue plastic portable table things.

    In any case, I think my vote actually goes here.