Down at Ray's Ranch:

Where the clothing is optional.

There's lots of activities,

like walking,

and jogging,

running races,

running like a girl,

and rock climbing.

At the gym, 

you can hire the services of personal trainers, 

Julio, who's preoccupied taking selfies and scouting Grindr, 

and Horace who's always available.

The busy clubhouse is a nice place to greet other ranch guests.

Cozily decorated and welcoming.

Luther is your bartender.

Meet Lonnie, 


and Lester.

Take a dip in the pool and have a chat with,

Tit Pig Pete,

Pedophile Paddy,

and Phil Robertson.

The spacious cabana offers shade,

where Clive helms the Bar-B-Que.

Over at the sauna, 

you'll find Craig, and the Randys,


and Randy.

Mosey on over to the barn,

for a riding session with Dean,


and Erple.

Just beware of Horace when the moon is full.


  1. well ,is this why you haven't been around??? I may myself need a rock climb lesson, followed by a tryst cocktail with Luther and Lonnie.

    1. But beware of Horace, whose cock-a-tails are lethal. Jx

  2. I'm in need of a sleaze fix so I would like to make a reservation please. Poor Clive bending over a tray of blazing charcoal lumps all day long, I hope he remembers to prick his sausages, otherwise they may spit hot fat. Can't wait to receive a stiff one off Luther, will definitely go down well, hitting the spot where other stiff ones fail to reach. The likes of Horace are always available. Randy and Randier. Bareback or side saddle with Dean?

  3. My saddle is ready for Otho!

  4. A couple of Darryls and a Dwayne and your ranch is complete.