Internet Annoyingmous:

"Hi, I'm AyeM8y,"

Hi AyeM8y...

"I joined Internet Anonymous not because I'm addicted to the internet but because I now find it incredibly annoying."


It was interesting for a while, then FB came along and ruined it. Not only does FB tag and track it's prey and their every movement but did you know that when you place a check mark next to the I Agree box when you download the FB Messenger App that you have agreed to allow them to hijack your phone's messages, photo's, videos, voice mail and even record audio?

I know.

I left FB a year ago. Mainly because I was on the road and desperately needed to get in touch with someone who never answers her phone but is always on FB. I wasn't able to select the messenger button. It just did nothing when I clicked it. I woke up one morning to find that I was the lucky recipient of a FB BETA roll out and it was not reversible. The entire format was new and I was no longer able to reference or search my friend list. I could live with that, but when I tried to use the messenger button nothing happened. I ended up being stranded for hours until she finally checked her phone.

So it was so long FB. Not to mention the fact that if I did a Google search for lets say a 16 gauge pneumatic brad nail gun...then every ad from then on was for a 16 gauge pneumatic brad nail gun. I wish there was some way of letting Google/FB know that I did my research on my own and purchased the said nail gun at a reasonable price and was no longer seeking it. If Google/FB is so interested in my purchasing habits and with the tools of tracking that they possess, they should know that I already purchased one!

The most annoying part of FB is that it just aint cool anymore. When my aunt Linda was the first one to like anything that I posted I knew it was over. Not that there is anything wrong with my aunt Linda, after all she is very tech savvy, but when everyone starts to do the same thing then it takes the fun out of it. Like gay marriage and smoking marijuana. 

This all brings me to the incredibly annoying Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS ice bucket challenge/meme/trend. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for raising awareness. AWARENESS, AWARENESS, AWARENESS! Enough with the awareness. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION...Please. That's exactly what happened or at least was supposed to happen. Who knows how much money these people actually raised and donated to the research of a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, a disease that more than likely does not have a cure nor will it ever since understanding of the brain is not that widely understood, and a disease that affects less than 6000 people a year in the US alone. Look, ALS deserves to be on the aware watch list but I can think of many other causes more worthy.

Raising money for ALS is a good thing. Except that it has turned into a circus of FB zombies dumping ice water over their heads over and over and over. Fledgling fame hogs need to be seen to be discovered so they all strip down and take the plunge, but when Ethel Kennedy dumping ice water becomes the evening news, I think the trend has jumped the shark. When everybody does it, it's not fun anymore. In fact it's stupid. It's annoying.


The Twitter has turned every trendy girl in the world into a mindless short on vocabulary twat that speaks in catch phrases. Or hash-tags. #Amazing, #OMG, #Stupid Cunts. Read a book for a change and stop drawing out more syllables than a word actually hasssssss. It's annoying.

Much like this horrid commercial, 

Actually it's so annoying that I like it. And upon further inspection I found the girl in this video is Myverick Garcia. Myverick? Really? Why not just name her Maverick? Myverick is just so damn annoying. Turns out Myverick was my home state's Miss Mississippi. She attends my alma mater, The University of Southern Mississippi.

That's so annoying.


  1. Hee hee! So much annoying stuff here - I agree with every word by the way - that I am even more pleased than ever that I am not, most DEFINITELY not, an adherent to either F***book nor Tw*tter. Jx

  2. My FB and Twitter feeds have nothing in them. I have nothing to say there. I keep them to prevent someone else from using the address (as if anyone would want to).

    Maybe Myverick's parents are Top Gun fans with poor spelling skills!

  3. OHHHHHHHHH Pirate I Love you!!!!!!!! Should I suck your cock now or later? I too am not on Facebook, or the Twat! I can't stand either, and have no desire. And nothing gets me more mad when I see people at dinner, constantly checking their FB pages. Their lucky I don't shove it up their ass with my patience. I blog and that's it. What a great post, couldn't agree more with you.

  4. my oh my, who fell out of bed this morning?
    the top bunk no less.

    darling, you are absolutely right. i detest the tentacles that the google-y/bloggy/facebook-y people have. ages ago, i accidentally deleted my loved youtube account because those fuckers were demanding i hook everything together.

    you have my vote.

  5. Fab!! I couldn't agree more. No how about a little word about selfies... Get someone you know to take the photo you pretentious tosser, then you won’t end up with a badly posed abortion of a picture that makes you look like you have no friends. Rant over.

  6. I tried leaving that other social media site, but the krewe said, stay, so you can see pics of the little krewe and i said, no, send the pics to me and the MITM! anyway, you have given me strength, sweet pea! xoxoxo

  7. All Savvy and I do on FB is poke each other to test that we're both still alive.

  8. I see I'm late to the party, but on board with everyone else.

  9. Hah, I like the way Miss Garcia pronounces the word "money"! It's almost as funny as the title "Miss Mississippi".

  10. I use my FB account as a simple snooping device. Do you remember Dawn Mills the girl I used to sit next to in class? Well, tap tap tapity tap. this is what she looks like now after having four children and a fondness for cakes *cackles* should be called bitch book. Instead of using iced water why don't those useless celebrities cunts use oil of vitriol instead and watch as that all unsightly flesh melts away before our very eyes. I nominate Miss Monais for the acid bucket drop.

  11. Did someone mention cake?

    And shouldn't that be Myss Myssyssyppy?