Mémoire du Parade de Fiesta:

In my dream, I find myself under the shade of a live oak tree and the cushion of soft green grass with a quill and stationary embossed with my initials highlighted in Wedgwood blue. I open the transportable writing caddy and remove a page to inscribe a letter to Jonie Driscoll telling her of my engagement and the wonderful afternoon attending the Fiesta parade where I met my future husband.

It was all so sudden, a whirlwind, not to mention he swept me off my feet and three other clichés that sound similar to those three clichés I just said with the whirlwind and the sweeping.

The parade goers were assembling nicely settling among there ilk and I'm seated next to Marvel Whitmire. She’s glowing with satisfaction in having just become engaged to Officer William Harold (Harry) Horsetick.

Afterwords, after many many words of encouragement that it will all be OKAY, we’re seated at the officers club for cocktails and dancing. I begin to feel out of place, third wheelish, not to mention a nuisance and several other clichés similar to those three clichés I just said with the nuisance and the third wheelish stuff.

During the Watusi, Harry, introduces me to, Officer Ralph Cockchute. Instantly I fall in love. Marvel and I have many moments of waffling, indecision, not to mention vacillation and three other clichés that sound similar to those three clichés I just said with the waffling and the indecision over whether to become Mrs. Harry Horsetick and Mrs. Ralph Cockchute.

There, walking in the parade with the sun setting over his shoulder, Ralph, tall, dark and handsome, (and three other clichés) smiles from the front line making goofy gestures and waving his hands around nervously.

Marvel and I decide on a double December wedding.


  1. I'll just bet you were the girl with the most beads.

    Is that the sound of bodice-ripping I hear?

    1. That's definitely the sound of ripping but, it's not coming from my bodice...

  2. Those flyboys have all the fun! When I was in the Navy, we never had a parade or beads!

  3. I just want pictures of the honeymoon...

  4. oh lord, have you been sniffing the turpentine again?

  5. I don't know what these girls are sniping about; it's sounds like the most heavenly romance EVER. Be sure to practice writing out "Mrs. Cockchute" so your signature will be ready for your new charge-a-plates.

  6. Mrs Cockchute, sounds like a bit of a mouthful, I like it! After watching those videos my arse lips are now making involuntary twitching movements, reminiscent of Beaker's mouth but without the me-mo-ing.