Did You Hear?

No. What?

You can still smoke in the Koffee Kettle off Rucker Boulevard in Enterprise Alabama. I do enjoy a smoke with a meal. I highly recommend the Buttermilk pancakes, but then again I always do. Surprisingly the spoons were squeaky clean. The look of the show was a mixture of country and aged hippie. Accessories included canes, suspenders, vests with pins or embroidered patches and long stringy gray ponytails complementing the statement. Overall I think it was a successful collection.

Playing on the tabletop jukebox was, He's the Greatest Dancer. The sisters Sledge, and I wonder what exactly are they saying? I never did really understand it even back when the song was new at the roller rink. "I wonder why---eeenk---He's the greatest dancer---I wonder why---that I've ever seen..." But thats not what they are singing are they?  

"Oh-what-wow" That's what they are saying. Oh-what-wow. Oh-what-wow Oh-what-wow. Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard? Even more stupid than, "I wonder why." Oh I know all of you are saying, Duh, everybody knows Oh-what-wow is what the sisters are saying and that you inevitably and constantly find some occasion where you say, Oh-what-wow! Did you see that cool car or Oh-what-wow, you mean we just smoked bubonic chronic! or Oh-what-wow look at that. He's the GREATEST DANCER!

And for that matter, why would anyone want to go to a disco on the outskirts of Frisco? I mean really who even says, Frisco? And out-of-towners touring? And this guy is the star of the show preying on the out-of-towners. You just know he wears Paco Raban and bikini underwear.

“Oh-what-wow, I'll have Buttermilk pancakes, short stack, hash browns, orange juice and an ashtray, please.”


  1. Paco Raban and bikini underwear. I see you have met my ex. Meanwhile enjoy, be in good health, and soak in that atmosphere

  2. It's not just cigarettes they smoke at the Koffee Kettle off Rucker Boulevard in Enterprise Alabama, y'know? Jx

  3. The lyrics say
    "Oh, what, wow"...supposedly
    Which I refuse to sing.

    I've been singing "I wonder....wow!" since I was a little boy dreaming of Paco Rabanne bikini underwear, and I refuse to change now.

  4. Were someone to refer to my home as 'Frisco, I would pour their poppers out on the floor and then skate on off.

  5. But Frisco rhymes with Crisco.