Got my hair braideded with the seashell beads. Got my gold lamé hot pants. Got my big gold disco fans. Goin’ out big gay gold disco fan dancin’. Gonna single handedly bring the big gay disco fan dancer back tonight.

“Hey DJ…you got any Mary Jane Girls? How about something by the Flirts? No? What about Angela Bofill? Lakeside? Cameo?”

I’ll be on the dance floor, on the pedestal, under the spotlight, twirlin’ my disco fans.

"Anybody around here know where I can get some Acid? How about some Coke? No? What about Quaaludes? Angel Dust? PCP?"

No wonder nobody twirls disco fans anymore.


  1. You GO girl. Dance until you bust out of them hot pants.

  2. Did your birthday fan dance open up a flood of memories? But where ever did you find my video?

  3. Are those leg warmers? Hiking socks?

  4. Peenee - “You GO girl. Dance until you bust out of them hot pants.”

    I’ll always have my fans to hide behind. Sally Rand taught it to me.

    Norma - “that IS a rare quality video.”

    It takes the trained eye of a Screen Goddess to notice the difference. See whatcha do is…set the camera up on top of the Cheeto's bag sitting on the arm of the couch and point it at the TV then push record…

    Maddie - “But where ever did you find my video?”

    It was in the 59¢ bin at the Goodwill.

    Thombeau – “oh my gawd.”

    I know it takes you back to your fan days.

    Mistress - “Are those leg warmers? Hiking socks?”

    They also double as cock cozies.