Home Going:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and wished me well during my recent convalescence. I really appreciate it. Part of my recovery involved Whitney. I wasn’t going to be found dead stretched across a filthy bed looking like a wraith. I had to fight it for Whitney’s sake. We’ve almost reached full closure. The circle that started in Jersey ends in Jersey today.

Did they really think her funeral through? I don’t think they had time to practice. It needs some direction.

A little more Ooomph.

Some pizazz.

A little Sparkle over here at the Whitney Wake PLEASE!

Whitney is rolling over in her tub right now. Cursing at them. Shouting stage direction in her signature incoherent train of thought babble speak. Choreographing her last show from wherever she is watching her Home Going.

Is it wrong? Or an Omen that I was listening in heavy rotation to a mix tape titled, “Crack is Whack” for a month before she died? I sometimes pretend to portend these things when they happen. I find myself saying things like, “The signs were all there…She had the aura of death surrounding her in the end…So tragic and forseeable”.

In other news I need to drop off my laundry and see what’s going on at the mat.

Then I’m off to the parades.

In the rain.

Where I’m sure to catch my death.

And of course it would have all been so senseless and preventable.


  1. Oh good, your feeling better! Are you sure you don't need your temp taken? Just to be sure? And where is that laundry????? I need a spin cycle.

  2. Well I see that Whitney took your negative Chi with her to the hereafter. Glad you are up and functioning. Have fun and samba for us!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better now, I came online especially to leave you another Get Well message.

    Our lives will never be the same again. Seldom has they been a single woman who has made such a difference to the world as did Whitney Huston. This was a woman who literally tore down the Berlin Wall, took on the forces of Communism in the Gdansk shipyard and spoke out for the repeal of clause 28, she enveloped the world in a cloud of her love. Regardless of their religion, colour or creed, she was a woman who loved everyone.

    God bless you Whitney!

  4. What a wonderful idea... A trip to the Laundromat seems just the ticket
    ... It was starting to smell of rancid horse dung and dead leech in here. Throw yourself into all your task with gusto and gay abandonment... you might want to take a shower first.
    Like Miss Mitzi I too have been concerned for your health... It heartens me to know that you are up and about again. Stay warm in all your adventures.

  5. laundromat's the only place to
    really get anything done these days.

  6. Welcome back to the land of the living fabulously, sweetie.

  7. Mistress MJ recommends sitting on the machine during the spin cycle.