One Thing Leads to Another:

I’m on the road again. As usual I randomly loaded up my phone with music from my archives. This time I included the album, “Music To Watch Girls By” from the Bob Crewe Generation.

It’s a song that's infectious and also reminds you of a Pepsi commercial which of course it was originally written to be a Pepsi commercial. While driving along the Alabama highway near Birmingham toward Tennessee I couldn’t help notice the only bottling plant along the way was for Pepsi. Which is blasphemy as Coke was originally bottled in Mississippi where I’m from AND is the only soft drink allowed.

“What’ll ya have?”

“I’ll have a coke! A co-cola.”

“Will Pepsi do?”


“I’m sorry we’ll be dining elsewhere...”

After hearing, “Music To Watch Girls By”, the theme to “Barbarella” came on.

I’m humming along and trying my best to match the voice to his...”An angel is Love, La,aaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaahve!” I get distracted imagining what a crowd pleaser it would be to sing the theme to Barbarella at my local Karaoke night. When I look at the phone and realize that it’s sung by Bob Crewe. I never put the two together that the Bob Crewe of Barbarella is the same Bob Crewe that sings “Music To Watch Girls By”. How many Bob Crewe’s are there out there???

I mean really.

So later I google Bob Crewe. Turns out he’s one of those prolific song writers. He wrote for Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. He wrote, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” for Heavens sake. He’s one of the inspirations for the Broadway hit, “Jersey Boys.”

Most interestingly while in New Orleans he was inspired to write the hit disco tune originally recorded by the Eleventh Hour, “Lady Marmalade”. That few have actually heard before. I Youtubed it and found that it was recently uploaded on November 3, 2011.

You heard it here first kids.


  1. Certainly a prolific Hit List!
    I think I recognised all the songs you have mentioned. thanks for the trip down memory lane...

  2. In Texas, I have actually heard this dialog more than once:

    Q: Would you like a coke?

    A: Yes, please.

    Q: What kind?

    A: Dr Pepper.