I Really Hate That Name:

Flack! Flack! Flack! I know I’m going to get some flack for this but I really hate the name Brianna. Bring on the flack you flackers. I asked a friend if she had ever heard the name before? She looked puzzled and said, “Rhiannon”? I said, “No, BRIANNA”. She said it sounded like they heard the song Rhiannon and got it wrong.

So I googled it.

“Brianna, tacky, name”

From the list:

"Is the name Brianna a nice name?"


No (honestly)

If you are contemplating naming a child, Brianna, just google it and hit the images tab to see what she will become. It's about a one hundred percent chance that she will become a stripper, a hooker and a porn star.

So what are some of the “new” names that you despise?


  1. deja

    (all pronounced the same)

  2. I knew you would have an opinion, Deja.

  3. Don't get me started. I am seething with hatred.

  4. i love when they put apostrophes in 'em just because it looks good, not because there's any letter missing.

    i hate every fucking "new" name and would like to live long enough to see barbara...carol...susan, shit like that come back into vogue.

  5. I'd like to live long enough to see Beulah, Edith, Mabel, Bertha, Violet and Prudence return.

  6. I threatened my mother I would name a child Scarlett Maybeline. I love it...it would be a great drag name.

  7. My nieces named their daughters Tasha and Aurora, but then again, their mother named them Lotus and Willow so I suppose they're just getting even.

  8. If I hear the name Tiffany, I screech aloud....

  9. I'm so glad you guys have the same reactions to such nonsense names.

    I too long for the good old standards. I would even welcome back the tacky ones from my generation like Sheila, Vicky and Tamara.

    Anything to stop the use of luxury goods and place names as first names. It's always been a Southern tradition to name children with a family last name. I have a cousin Tatum but it seems like everyday I meet a Parker. I ask is that a family name? The answer is always no.

    *Considers changing drag name to Scarlett Maybeline or Tasha Lotus or Aurora Willow*

    *Decides to stick with Nunya Beeswax*