Morning Logos:

Ever wonder how many corporate logos you see in one day? Hundreds and hundreds that’s what. So here’s my morning logo roundup.

Wake up to my nice sheets.

Check the time.

Put on my underwear.

Then my bathrobe.

Took a whiz.

Checked my messages.

Had breakfast.

And some juice.

Brushed my teeth.

Turned on the TV.

Watched my game show.

Reached for a smoke.

Lit it up.

Performed ablutions.

Washed my hair.

And my face and body.


Put on a shirt.

And some shorts.


And some socks.

And some shoes.

Got a check in the mail.

Got in my car.

Needed gas.

Went to the bank.

Came home and unlocked the door.

And watched the very last episode of All My Children : (


  1. Looking around, Miss J sees almost that many on her desk alone... Overload!

  2. Go generic; it's less confusing. Just be careful that you don't mix up window cleaner refill with mouthwash. Take it from one who knows; it's unpleasant. TB

  3. Looks like a corporate porn site!

  4. P.S. I stopped watching the day that Liza slapped Jenny...

    (I can't believe that was thirty years ago)....

    still love you though.


  5. Hmmmm, so you're getting paid endorsements, I see. How much for this post? A dollar a logo I bet.
    Can't wait for the infomercial.

  6. Well, that covers your MORNING.

    And at night?

    The Trojan logo?

  7. I only know Maulbohro, Toyota and British Petroleum.