Honors flysis Income beezis Onches nobis Inob keesis:

Many years ago when I was a little boy I would watch old movies. Sometimes I would even skip school if there was a good one and still kind of do. I’ll play sick and stay home from work and curl up on the couch and make a pig pen around me.

One day there was a screw ball movie, Murder, He Says, with Fred MacMurray and Marjorie Main about a man (Fred MacMurray) who works for, “the Trotter Poll same as the Gallop Poll only not in quite as much of a hurry.” He goes in search of another poll taker that went missing up at the Fleagle place. The Fleagle clan is crazy and is headed up by a whip-cracking Mamie Fleagle(Marjorie Main). The crazy family is looking for stolen money hidden in an old house with secret passages.

The secret to finding the money lies in a rhyme or like a cryptic Mairzy Doats that is repeated throughout the movie. Trust me, you don’t forget this rhyme. It goes, "Honors flysis Income beezis Onches nobis Inob keesis.". But it’s the tune that goes with it that sticks with you.

Years later I remember hearing the, “All Things Considered” theme on National Public Radio and thinking to myself that I know that tune. It’s the, "Honors flysis Income beezis Onches nobis Inob keesis" tune. I never thought much about it except for the fact that when I heard it I always sang the words, "Honors flysis Income beezis Onches nobis Inob keesis."

Surely this wasn’t a coincidence? The person who wrote the theme obviously was using the tune as sort of an inside joke. Turns out it’s not such a joke. As when NPR held a contest to put words to the All Things Considered theme and members of the audience responded with, "Honors flysis Income beezis Onches nobis Inob keesis."


You be the judge.


  1. Thanks for that bit of trivia! Have listened to ATC for years, but did not know that.

  2. I enjoyed this mist certainly! But now I can't it out of my head.

  3. Bless you, for bringing forth this trivia.

  4. Quite a catchy little number, Lady Gaga should sample it. What's with the old lady with the etereal glow is she a spook?

  5. like thom said, no coincidences.
    now we can all die happy.