Do Tell???

I live in

We train elite

We’re the home of the

One of those

He showed up regularly on the

He claimed that he was

Everyone in the area knows at least

Many have partners and have had for many years. It’s never been a secret. It’s my hope that hundreds will now come out to the

and freshen up the mix. It’s been so stale lately. Do I think this will happen? No. But I dream about it and besides many are already taken and of course all the




On second thought those

So congratulations to the

that now may safely come out come out wherever they are…

When the local news did some coverage of the issue the one and only dissenter was a big ole Country Bear.

Please honey me think thou doth protest too much and with that mustache and pot belly who could blame the,



  1. When I was in the Navy (late 60s, early 70s), anyone paying the least amount of attention knew who was gay. And didn't care on my ship.

    I hope DADT really ends and everyone just gets on with life.

  2. it's gonna take a few more generation die-offs before folks calm down about who's looking at their cock.

    nevertheless, that things have progressed this quickly is startling, and quite nice.