Big Mistake, Big, Huge:

Would someone please get this poor girl a proper stylist?

When dressing your toddler as one of Hollywood’s most iconic hookers it’s all about authenticity with an eye for detail. It’s shameful to miss the mark on so many levels. For instance, the dress although remindful of the original is shoddily crafted from inferior synthetics and is entirely unsuccessful. The boots are all wrong. And that wig!

Big mistake, big, huge!

"It's the same women that do this to their children that complain about sexual predators living in their neighborhoods." - Mean Dirty Pirate


  1. She needs a new mother; maybe one with at least half a brain. TB

  2. I'd rather seen a toddler dressed up to look like the bitchy shop owner.
    Ok, I'd like to have *been* that toddler.

  3. If I had a child, I would dress her up to look like Susan Boyle, making her less attractive to paedophiles.

  4. She's overlooked the glass of champagne.

  5. is ru doing a toddler's show now TOO?