Would You Like Some Wine with Your Cheese?


  1. YES I WLD

    MEandirtypirayte - I'm in trouble I need HELP.

    I'm a busy man I have to take pills and goto sleep because I have to wake up at 11 AM!!

    And and all of a sudden my blog has all my info at the bottom of my page and the blog plugs and everything and it dunno say that in the layout section it just happened to me and I canno mekit go away.

    Why is this happening to me. why now at 2:36 am. I shut down 2:45 am

    it hurts me very badly

  2. One of South Australia's finest...

  3. Need you ask. Of course I enjoy gobbling dick. Wherever did you find that picture of that killer dick?

  4. Sure! Hell, I'll even take a Cracker if I have to.

  5. Let's have a look at the corkSCREW.

  6. Hello Reavis, seems to be trouble in blogland all over the place. Many pictures are not showing up and the space is occupied with a black picture and a white triangle. I have pictures hosted on picasa and they’re giving trouble also. Visit here for some help on these issues if you are still having this trouble. Blogger no longer supports older browsers.

    Princess, I wonder if this is one of their miniature bottles for souvenirs?

    For Cookie, you are welcome.

    @Jason, *unwraps the Captains Wafers*

    *MJ-I had a dream last night that you came to visit me. We had a long lovely talk. Then I woke up and saw your response to my comment was about twenty minutes before I awoke...eerie.

    @Wally-I enjoy combining things for expediting. Like a smoothy for lunch with alcohol, or cock sucking with alcohol...

  7. is that wine or whine?
    one might hear a kvetch if that was being lowered in.

  8. NORMADESMOND! I miss u!

    Mean DP is so good to us!

  9. Well this was an early morning eye opener!

  10. What a magnificent girthsome charlie and what a challenge!

  11. I believe that is the standard size... It only looks smaller due to the enormous cock hung next to it!
    Both I am sure would be delightful on the palette....