What would Casey do?

So everybody is upset. Are you really surprised? Nancy Grace took an obscure crime, dubbed it the, "Tot Mom" case and afforded nightly unending coverage to it enraging the nation's population of mothers. The sad fact is there was just not enough conclusive evidence to convict the bitch.

People have said that Casey Anthony should go away or into hiding as there are going to be vigilante groups seeking her head. Maybe even a sniper set up to get her on the way out of jail. She was having a relationship with her attorney and she should leave the country. They say they no longer have faith in the justice system.

So lets move on shall we. What should Casey Anthony do now?

Here are my top five suggestions.

1. Open the Casey Anthony Daycare and Swim club.

2. Get a job at Disney World.

3. Become an elementary school teacher.

4. She should get pregnant and have another go at it.

5. Write self help books and newspaper columns for teenage mothers with low self esteem.

What about you?

What do you think she should do?

What do you think should be her future?


  1. A very botched up trial, and of course people are more surprised at this verdict than that of the OJ case.

    Something went very wrong between Casey's dad, and herself. My feeling is, somewhere along the way someone will spill the truth, as liars always slip up.

    The poor fatherless child, the dad that never knew his daughter, a trail of tears all around.

    Casey's smile at her verdict tells it all. No remorse, just relief.

  2. Norma, are your doors locked?

  3. Yes very well spoken, Margaret.

    Jason and Norma might have something there...I mean if Brittney can do it...

    Is Casey headed to Norma's place when she gets out of jail?

    Personally I think Casey should get lots of bad plastic surgery and fillers, do porn and then end up on Celebrity Rehab for her murder addiction and compulsive lying.

  4. Aye, thanks; a shot of Kreml in the AM gets me juices flowing!

    Yes, Casey's headed for Norma's hood. Doorknobs jiggling, windows rattling, leaves crunching underfoot, pool covers flapping, empty swings swaying.

    I think Nancy Grace should hire Casey as a Nanny (but pay taxes, of course).