Cinco de Drinko:

Have I ever mentioned that everything bad that has happened in my life has happened on May 5th? Once when was I fourteen, my mother found a little bag of something in my room and grounded me for six months. I eventually found it and replaced it with oregano. I’ve broken up with a partner on this day. I’ve lost a job on May 5th and then lost the next job on the same day the following year.

Did I mention that I HATE MAY 5TH!

It’s also the day everyone wants to go drinking. I’ve recently discovered that I CAN’T drink liquor. I can’t even spell the word without spell check. I just had to use it. Lacquer is more like it. I just blackout immediately following one little sip and then hear horror stories the next day from people, if those people are still talking to me.

I can still drink beer just fine.

Wine is an iffy subject also.

So Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody...I stay in bed on that day, pull the covers over my head, and wait for the evil day to be over with.


  1. Ordered tacos for lunch. Wished the counterperson Happy Cinco ... blank stare in return.

  2. I once experienced what seemed like an awfully long spell of not being able to stomach a drink.

    I never found out why but luckily I overcame it.

    Unfortunately, the doctor was no help when I complained that I couldn't drink anymore.

    Oh Hai, XL!

  3. I make sure I have everything I need and to be home before it gets dark, pull down the windows and turn up the tv really loud to drown out the mariachi music...

    I really try to stick with beer now too...

    Oh hai xl & mj

  4. As the prophet said:
    "Beware the Cincos of Mayo!"

  5. My maternal Grandma died on that date. I didn't know the mexicans celebrated it the callous brutes!

    I try to avoid drinking wine for some reason it brings on a dull ache in the right side of my body as does apple juice.