Obscene Intuition:


au-teur [ oh-tur ] –noun,

A filmmaker whose individual style and complete control over all elements of production give a film its personal and unique stamp.

Early on in my film career I was inspired by (ripped off) the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. It’s one of my favorite shows. The suspense the ironic endings the creepy music the stars and the sixties sensibility. It had it all.

I used to read Alfred Hitchcock’s Bedtime Stories when I was a child. I watched every movie he ever made. Tuned in faithfully to the reruns of the show, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. So one day I set about writing a story that I felt captured the feeling of an Alfred Hitchcock Hour plotline. The result was, Obscene Intuition.

It’s one of my best pictures and tonight’s, Mystery Movie of the Week.

Once again it’s an ambitious effort around twenty-five minutes long. Recently restored and now with 25% more Millie Hedgehog, I like feature length films. Starring myself and my cousin and once again she’s really good this time. Press play then pause and let it buffer for a while then hit play and once again stick with it you won’t regret it once again, once again.

Enjoy your viewing or don't of Obscene Intuition


  1. ah...it's good to see this again.

    I mean, Hitchcock was good and all, but *this* has Southern accents!

    That's always best

  2. Yay! And you two are both so adorable!

  3. That Millie should book an appointment with one of the many fine beauticians at The Hair Hall of Fame. But then I suppose if she never goes anywhere but bowling and the drive-in…

    Couldn’t you have found a bigger cell phone for Diane? Har.

    Diane vacuums like I do with a cocktail in her hand.

    Auteur! Auteur!

  4. It's not letting me view, I've even trolled youtube for Obscene Intuition but with no joy.

    Au teur be in love... and never get out again.

  5. She vacuums with a cocktail in her hand and in come-fuck-me-pumps. But then again, doesn't everyone?

  6. Cookie: I like to add a corset to complete the vibe.

  7. hilarious....I also enjoyed analyzing the outfits and interiors.

  8. Love it! Is that Mille wearing socks and heels?

    (In my best Southern accent) gasp..."Noooooo."


    Those 2 Bionic Angels is hysterical. Between Luscious LaLa and the Loreal commercials I can't breathe.

  10. It’s The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition over at Donn’s blog!

    We MUST see your gorgeous ass fill out those shorts!