Big Eyed Love:

Even though I’ve been away working I’ve been thinking of you. While cruising the aisles of Goodwill I discovered a treasure, a big eyed treasure. Margaret Keane was the queen of big eyed children portraits but many other artists followed her keane eye like the artist, Eden. It’s a cheap knock off lithograph mounted on cardboard without a signature but a true original nonetheless.

So what should I do with it?

Put it in the magic attic and let it languish?

Or should I give it away to one of you, my faithful readers?

Tell me why you deserve this little ballerina in 500 words or less and it could be yours. I’ll choose a winning essay and the lucky recipient will be the proud owner of this big eyed ballerina. If anything please tell me what horrible death she should receive?


  1. I'm wiling to cough up 1,000 words if they would protect me from this.

  2. Peenee you know you want her. Just think of the evil she'll inflict on future generations.

    Think of Halloween.

    What should be done with her?

  3. cookie does have that museum, though i think the feds may have shut him down.

  4. As an avid collector of kitch...I can just see her hanging in the "trashy artist" gallerey here at "The Palais" right next to This old thing and this and of course this

    She could become my new muse...I need some inspiration...I'm very tired of old Mona...

    I'd even dust her occasionally...
    Place some lovely vintage plasic flowers beside her on a lovely faux fur cat scratching tower and install her own personal down light.

    The harlequin costume is just the right colours to clash beautifuly with the rest of the decor.
    (I'm going through my Shabby Sick phase at present)

    Oh.. Please Please Dear Mr Pirate.
    Send her down under. She'll be a welcome addition to the palais in all her hideosity....

  5. I can see Princess in my mind's eye seated at a pavement cafe with an elegant notepad and a pen honing and polishing 500 wise and witty words for such an ugly piece of shit.

    Please Ayem8y let her have it.

  6. Did you say "honing" or "Sconing" Mitzi?

  7. It would look perfect hanging next to my clown painting.

  8. XL: After I trashed AyeM8y on this post over at The Hair Hall of Fame, I’m not sure he’ll think I deserve it.

  9. MJ: Yikes! I haven't been keeping up with THHF and the lawsuits over there!

  10. Hmm, Cookie’s museum. I think it has to be an actual painting to qualify, Norma.

    No brother Michael and I searched high and low for a companion reject but no such luck. I did find this however.

    XL - Ah MJ. She does deserve it after all. I’ve coated it in leprosy. princess, you having written the only essay in praise of this masterpiece are indeed the front runner.

    Mitzi - I should inflict her on you for such a wonderful response. It will go so well with your sail boat painting.

    MJ - I said a 500 word essay not 500 comments.

    XL - You sound like my lawyers, “I haven’t been keeping up with your lawsuits”. Stay tuned as I’ve recently received word that the jury may have reached a verdict in this ugly matter.