Miss Bancroft:


  1. I almost thought there would be some pillow talk...

    I want to see the size of her settee...

  2. Princess, What a huge pillow. The Mistress could use one of those for her Satanic Cramps from Hell. That or a Playfree™ Mattress Pad.

    I’m sure Miss Bancroft's settee is dainty but oh my god have you seen the size of her caquetoire?

  3. Here's to you, Mrs Robinson!

  4. She works from her back...just like you!

    Fluff that pillow for me, would you XL?

  5. have seen the two fabulous sketches from this special?

  6. XL: Coo coo ca chew.

    MJ: I’m exhausted from all my ‘official’ duties. I need a rider in my contract that ships my big pillow in advance for my breaks. My back hurt.

    Girl now you got XL fluffin’ the pillas at my place too? Lord give him a break.

    Norma: I used to have the clip on here of the ‘See You Next Thursday’ skit where she visits the psychiatrist and tells about her dream where everybody has a name like Una, Ima, Ava, etc. She has the most awful time as a hostess having to remember all the guests names and introduce them to one another. She does a damn good job too.

    I can’t find that clip!

  7. yes! that's the one i thought was still there. jesus, i can't stand how these videos vanish!

    well, this certainly was from the same show....not as complicated, but good nevertheless.