Beweave It:

By now many of you have seen the commercial for the I Beweave Hair Salon with stylist and owner Shocantelle Brown. For those not familiar with the South I show can tell you that this is right on target. But did you know that Shocantelle is a White, Blonde, Drag Queen named Laura Bell Bundy?

Who you ask? She was the original Amber Von Tussle in the Broadway musical Hairspray and also originated the Broadway role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the musical.

I love when a beautiful girl has amazing comedic talent and is willing to transform herself into less than flattering characters. She’s also a rising country music star.

Best part is when she shoot's his pants off!


  1. I usually go for the valet parking at the Cooter County Shopping Center.

  2. Bundy?
    Rings a bell ...

  3. I know. I was shocked when I found out about her (other) careers too.
    I just hope she lands a movie deal for Shocantelle.

  4. Free Hot Water...real synthetic hair...christian folk...what's not to like?! Okrrrrrllll?