Miss Flo Rida U*S*A

It’s BEAUTY Pageant season. I don’t know about you guys but I just love a good beauty pageant and not just any beauty pageant but a low rent local level beauty pageant. Like the Miss Flo Rida U*S*A beauty pageant.

How many times can I type the phrase Beauty Pageant?

Not nearly as many times as these gals must use it in a sentence everyday.

So I won't bore you with the whole program or will I?


I’ve carefully edited the whole thing down to just the highlights of the program. And when I say edited I think you all know what I mean. I mean as reinterpreted by me in a ‘Let’s have fun with the Beauty Pageant’ kind of way. Now do you get it? Oh and the whole thing is brought to you by NAZI’S. Honestly.

Be sure to catch this pageant as I’m sure the U-Tubes will yank it soon.


  1. gee, what happened? I watched that truly heinous "evening gown" segment a while back...and now it's gone.
    I missed the swimsuit portion....though the "evening gowns" looked like bathing suits with acetate/sequin trains stapled on. So I'm sure it wouldn't have been much different.

  2. BP missed a chance for a little public relations image building, but apparently were beaten to it by the other NAZIs.

  3. Oh blimey... I'm having a bad Youtube day...
    I think these young ladies should sign up for treatment in the Infomaniac House of beauty... a little leprosy goes a long way...

  4. Hm... Miss J sees the contest. Exactly where are the beauties???

  5. One-shouldered-halter topped-with a cut out bodess in Florida Coastline Blue. Now THAT'S a pagent dress!

    I once had the great fortune to do the makeup for several contestants of the Miss DC-USA pagent.

  6. I saw the Hooters pageant the other day it was so messed up. Women had in their description things like "She like men who's feet don't smell and who chew with their mouths closed" (!).

  7. I think I would prefer the Hooters pageant. After all, that's where most of this cattle are headed, if they're lucky.

  8. That Miami contingent will cut a bitch.

    I'm going to spend the rest of my day practicing "I AM michael guy" for shits and giggles.

  9. 我們必須先有哭泣,才有歡笑;也必須先感到人生的悲哀,然後才感到人生的快樂。............................................................

  10. where i work there are people that are very involved in pageants. they take it all very seriously. i simply open my eyes as wide as they will go & smile.

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