Horrendous Day:


  1. The video has been blocked here.

  2. Sorry Mitzi you're not missing anything. Just a video for the song All Mixed Up from the group 311. Which btw they will be playing an oil/relief concert here in a couple weeks. YAY.

    Sugah and Princess, it has been an awful mix up with the comments stuff so glad it seems to nearing the end.

    Just so you guys can tell people that you know someone who lives near the oil disaster...Everybody in this area is suffering from headaches, nausea, dizzy spells. Some even nose bleeds and respiratory problems.

    I went to the beach on the fourth of July and there was very little traffic. I didn't go into the water but some did and now they are flu like sick. I was dizzy and had a headache the next day.

    I think I now live in a bio-hazard.