What Happened to INFOMANIAC?

Go to Eros Den...


  1. Oh no...!

    I hope she's not in the same sweaty, Turkish prison that Muscato may have wandered in to.

    On the other hand, she may wish she were.

  2. All of her comments have been wiped off too. I took it as a snub for having a picture of a pet bed in the shape of a croc, you know how those things vex her. Or perhaps she changed her blog template and has cocked everything up like I have done!

    I hope she hasn't committed blog Hari-kari.

  3. I'm not sure what's going on....

    Here's what the wonderful Mistress posted at my blog:
    "My blog was mysteriously removed overnight.

    What's worse is that my Gmail account says "account temporarily disabled" so I can't get into my Gmail either to correspond with any of you.

    Jason, please do me the favor of telling Ayem8y about this. His blog doesn't allow anonymous comments and I can't email him at this point."

  4. I’ve been unable to use the internet on my phone since yesterday. Last night Blogger obviously made some changes. I no longer have the link to my dashboard and now have a button that says design. Which would be easy to just delete your blog if not being very careful.

    I was guessing that the phone/internet connection was due to all of the officials in town for the Oil/Crisis. I think google is messed up at the moment...and ATT.

    I also think this oil crisis is just a government cover up to distract us from the fact that Godzilla is out in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe he took out a communication satellite by throwing helicopters into space.

    Been scads of helicopters in the air today.

    I’m afraid.

    By the way I have enabled anonymous comments for a limited time only.

    @Mitzi: I noticed that your blog template has changed?

    @TJB: Mmmm hot sweaty Turkish prisons...

    @XL: Attica, Attica, Attica.

    @Jason: Thank you for the update, I appreciate it...and just when I was about to be crowned Mr. Nude Infomaniac!

  5. Hello bitches.

    Thanks to everyone here for their support.

    And thanks Ayem8y for enabling anon comments for a bit and for backing the "Free MJ!" campaign that Eroswings started.

    Sadly there is no sign of Muscato here in Limboland. If only. We would sip cocktails and talk behind your back.

    You know what really irks me? Next week I was planning to hold the Mr. Nude Infomaniac Pageant.

    Note to Ayem8y: Hold onto those pics *wink* as I no longer have them thanks to this fiasco. If my blog is ever restored or if/when I start a new one (further down the road) I'll want to post those fab shots. The world doesn't know what it's missing.
    *winks again*

  6. And we're missing Mean Dirty's crowning as Mr. Nude Infomaniac????
    Oh uh it's *on*
    Hold my purse...
    I'm taking off my earings now...

  7. Hopefully it's just a technical glitch and all will be well soon!

  8. I just thought I'd pop over and say hi.

    Without MJ as our shepherd I feel very aimless. I've blogged and am making my feelings of the whole situation known.

    I am not happy. So I'm spreading the ire.

    I was looking forward to your coronation.

  9. hey, sugar! i'm adding y'all to my blogroll, so i can keep my MJ family together! xoxoxoxo

  10. This all smacks of tea party hijinx! I think it was the 'Mr. Nude Infomaniac Pageant' press party that did MJ in; those pink squirrels were pure grain alcohol!

    hugs, betches!

  11. To make matters worse, my computer is dying.

    Apologies if I don't visit much in the next few days to the bitches on my (former) blogroll.

    Funny thing is that following the Mr. Nude Infomaniac Pageant, I was going to have a Mix 'N' Mingle party inviting all the bitches on my blogroll to visit each other. That way you would get to know each other better. But I see the ball is already rolling. There's Miss Roses and Savannah, for example. This cheers me.

  12. Oh my Mistress, what can be done?

    Many thanks for all the wonderful kind words over the last year. I feel ashamed for having brought down the House of Infomaniac. Kind of like Helen of Troy. I will save the pictures and may take more as my tan grows stronger everyday. The paleness of my arse is potent.

    I graciously hold Jason’s purse to allow him to avenge the Mistress, while I make off with the earrings.

    Michael, I think you might have hit upon it. The google bots eat bandwidth so maybe it will just be temporary. Fingers crossed.

    XL: That’s the spirit...atta girl...Attica girl...

    My dear Roses, welcome. Spread your IRE! I feel the same. Alas there will be no coronation : (

    Savannah: Hey and welcome sugar! I too have been busily adding the Bitches to my roster of followings.

    Michael Guy: How was New York? I’ve hardly had time to visit my buddies lately. I think you are right, my ass brought down the Infomaniac Mansion...and several small nations.

    Mistress, So sorry. One good thing one bad, one good thing one bad thing. It’s Gemini the two sided bitch. Maybe we could start another blog that we can all contribute to with you as head Mistress metering approval? Just a suggestion, maybe not. We should move and protest GOOGLE. I know that I have switched my search engine. GOOGLE=BAD.

  13. Oh I like that contributors idea although I'm not up to organizing anything at the moment. If you'd like to head something up though, I'm in. As soon as I get a Blogger account again, that is.

    We'd probably be taken down the next day.

  14. Ayem8ty, thanks for spreading the word and participating in our movement to bring back Infomaniac. The multiple posts we've put up at Blogger Forum has gotten the Blogger Team's attention, and they're all ready starting to respond. If we keep up the pressure and continue to question their actions, our voices will only get louder and the higher ups at Google will be forced to take notice.

    Google cannot take another hit of negative publicity. They are all ready in trouble for illegal spying activities in several countries. They certainly would NOT want the public to perceive them as homophobic, encouraging hate speech/religious fanatics, and practicing censorship.

    Keep up the good work, people! We're getting results!

  15. I'm still in shock. And dismay. And my first trimester.