Is this how you get to Memphis?

A couple of weeks ago and just before Easter I went on a road trip with a friend from Florida through Mississippi to Memphis. We traveled to Hattiesburg MS where I went to college (USM) up to the very chic cosmopolitan capital city and my home town of Jackson where we spent the night.

The next morning we popped the top and drove through the Delta with the very exotic locales of Belzoni, Isola, Midnight, and Indianola as destinations. When you think of Mississippi as the poorest state in the union then you are thinking of the Delta. These were once small towns dependent on the railroad when that was THE main form of transportation. Now in the future where we all have personal jet packs and teleporters the dynamic has drastically changed.

I was telling my friend that the things I remember from visiting the Delta in childhood were the dead skunks. Riding along with my brothers in the Vista Cruiser station wagon with moon roof it was a challenge not to be the one who had to eat the skunk. Eat the skunk? Yes, when you saw a dead skunk you shouted out, “Dead skunk in the middle of the road...I one two it...I three four it...I five six it...I seven it...and you eight it!” It made the time go by.

I want bore you with all the details of the trip instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking with a few little captions. Oh and the first thing we saw upon entering the Delta was a dead skunk. "I one two it...I three it...

Pay close attention to the directions as they involve lots of landmarks.

To really get in the mood press play and listen to some ambient sounds.

This is a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

This is what it looks like for miles and miles and miles and miles...

Until you get to Transylvania.

Turn left at the "Prison Area Don't Pick Up Hitch Hikers" sign.

Keep going until you get to Isola, "The Catfish Capital of the South".

Where oddly enough you only see chicken bones.

And silo's.

And dilapidated cotton gins.

And Hot Check parlors.

Then more of this for miles and miles and miles and miles...

Until you see this and then you take a right.

Then you take a left at this. And say this, "Where is this Hopper Bottom?"

To get to this.

And when you see this.

And this, then you know you are in Indianola.

Turn left when you see this.

Go into this and say, "Stick'em Up!"

Then take a picture of this on your get-a-way.

Continue at high speed through more of this.

And when you see this, then play this.

Keep going until you see this.

Then go into any store and buy this. Ask if this comes in velvet.

Crash through this.

And barge into this.

Board this.

To get to this.

This is Beale Street.

Where you will see this.

And this.

Later you go to this.

This is where he shot MLK.

Right there on this balcony.

This is a tribute tended by a crazy woman. I think she lives in this.

You wish that you live in this.

Or this.

And even this.

Felix would like this.

You steal this.

From this.

And then you watch this. The March of famous Peabody Ducks.

You admire this and walk out skipping your bill.

And this, this is the end.


  1. I was just about to ask about those ducks, whom I read about first in my mother's battered copy of a 1983 Southern Living, I'm sure.
    Never forgot it.

    I've never been to the delta, I'm afraid. I'm not sure I need to now.

    I'll just listen to Tanya instead and inhale the skunk smell in my memory.

  2. Driving from DC area to Nola in the '60s, smelling the skunk, we'd always blame my brother. Usually it was him, anyway. My mom told me about the Peabody ducks, as she stayed there in the late '40s. I don't think she was vey impressed with the ducks (the poo 'n' all). Glad you had a grand ol' time!

  3. Been there done that but didn't get the hanger.

    Nor did I smell skunk.

    You can be my tour guide next time.

  4. What a lovely tour. Miles and miles and miles of dirt. I think I've been there.

  5. Did you meet Dr Dr. Frank N. Furter in Transylvania?

    Shouldn't there have been chain gangs working along those highways? Oh, wait, that's just Alabama.

    I hope you both got to enjoy some Memphis BBQ while you were visiting!

  6. What a fun trip... Something fried at every stop, Miss J hopes.

  7. Great Trip! I've stayed at the Peabody and witnessed the ducks.

    And yes, as I scrolled down and caught sight of the Cutlass, I almost messed myself!