Mitzi’s Movie Moments Meme:

“Share three classic movie moments that have, in some shape or form, made you buy things, do things, think things that perhaps you shouldn't have.”

What an intriguing Meme. So many bad things to Meme about and I just adore Meme’ng and casting the Meme onto other people and making them Meme about the same Meme.

Meme Meme – Meh – Meme Meme Meme.

I have already stated in response to Mizi's meme, who having tagged me that I was under the influence of Olivia Newton-John-Lattanzi-Easterling one night in 1983 when I wore a pair of red spandex pants out and about to a certain notorious homosexual establishment.

Bad Inspiration:

I was totally hot.

One of Mitzi’s favorite movies that ultimately forced her to buy foot scrub featured a soundtrack of Mama Cass Elliot. I remember as a small child watching the Sid and Marty Kroft Saturday morning kids live action television program, Pufnstuf, with the groovy songs and psychedelic imagery and cast.

Eventually it became a hugely successful blockbuster Hollywood film and I was there in the darkness with all of the other fans for the premiere.

Bad Inspiration:

I immediately wanted to be high on whatever they were high on that was making them high and to be different. I achieved that goal and that state of consciousness many, many times. In fact I’m high on mushrooms right now and different.


The first time I saw Lifeguard I wanted to be Mrs. Sam Elliott! My first trick was an older Marlboro Man who surprisingly looked a lot like Sam Elliott; smoked Marlboro’s and wore a red Speedo.

Bad Inspiration:

I have a weakness for vintage Marlboro Men in red Speedo’s. In fact I’ve become a vintage Marlboro Man who wears red Speedo’s; against my stylist’s advice who thinks I should quit smoking.


I am a lifelong Joan Crawford fan! I am a Joanaholic! A Crawficionado!

It’s not so much that I love Joan Crawford as much as I want to be Joan Crawford.

Bad Inspiration:

I occasionally dress up like Joan Crawford and reenact scenes from her movies like Straight Jacket or slapping anyone named Vida or wearing a bright red ring master tuxette or murdering people with axes.

Straight Jacket

I tag Jason, Felix and Michael Rivers.


  1. AWESOME meme! Miss J just may let this meme inspire her!

  2. I'm inspired to slap you, Jason, Felix and Michael Rivers.

    Oh what the hell...

    *slaps Miss Janey too*

  3. This is great!! Love the idea and your answers are very interesting. What are the chances that we both do Joan Crawford in "Straight Jacket" posts on the same day?!

  4. oh goodness...this might require some thought on my part.
    Damn you!

    But it really is a good one.

    And "Crawficionado"? Genius!!!!!!!!!

    I think I might just host a Crawford Crawfish boil for fellow Cajun Crawficionados.

    We'll scrub the tables down with Ajax and everyone will get a shoulder padded bib.

  5. I want to go to the Cajun Crawficionado party. It should be an annual event.

  6. I want to be Lucy aged 29. Thanks for playing Ayem8y, we must do mushrooms together some day.

  7. I think we should all just start slapping anyone named Vida! How I would look forward to meeting new people!

  8. My mushrooms have left me feeling a little queezy... but, I enjoyrd this post a chance to get tp know you better.