Year End Hodge Podge:

So busy this past holiday season that saw me from one end of the Golf Coast t’nother. I know I know it’s all so glamorous traveling and peddling and pushing myself on others.

They enjoy me so.

Well now who is this, “they” I hear you asking yourselves.

Never you mind about that.

Lets just say I made rather merry this season. Who am I kidding I am worn slap out. Haggard positively haggard from it all.

A little round-up of the things that are floating around in my brain;

First up, I’ll not have another vintage silver aluminum Christmas tree I’ll tell you that much.

So much work keeping the damn thing looking pretty what with all the shedding of the silver tinsel needles all over the floor every morning.

Sugar Daddy didn’t get me that black Bentley I wanted!

Now his Christmas tree is in his bed.

Serves him right.

I’ll just have to settle for my old black Bentley for another year.

Favorite gift this year?

A vintage tie with Jungle Book orangutans all over it.

Favorite song and video this year,

Ida Corr, "Let Me Think About It"

My favorite pitcher that I’ve tooken lately;

I like to call it, “Today in Golf Coast Fish Monger Sign Misspellings”


  1. Could they be offering group sex in the form of "group fellatio"?

  2. I think MJ is right. I guess they just got tired of all the Shrimp and went on to group (er)s.
    Quantity over quality, you know.

    Love love love that Ida Corr!

  3. love ida corr...she has such a Prince vibe. I love a chick that can rock an afro!

    great tie.

  4. The tree shed that much? What the hell??

  5. Looks to Miss J to be some fish fe-latio goin' on.

  6. 愛情不是慈善事業,不能隨便施捨。.........................

  7. I think "l@@k" just above the OU would have added that touch of drama to the sign.

  8. LURVE Ida Corr! It's been a fave tune here as well.