Future Visions:

At this time of year it is appropriate to reflect upon the past but also a time to look forward to the future. This past year sucked. But the future...the future promises to be a world of marvel with space travel and intergalactic communication.

Some nights when I look at the clouds across the moon I know he'll be coming home soon from Deep Space Base Plan 9 Alpha Centari.


  1. Miss J must concern with the Pirate about '09 sucking... Oh, well. On to 2010 and better times.

  2. It did kinda suck...but -chin up-2010 is going to better!
    btw..I love this remix...

  3. Gosh, I've never heard this before.
    How did 1985 miss me completely?
    I must have been on Uranus.

  4. I know I've missed it completely also.

    I've been listening to it on a loop to make up for it.

  5. Jason: There's something I've often wondered about ...

    Has Ayem8y ever been on Uranus?

    And if so, are there photos?

  6. I had this on 7" vinyl. Have you seen my mound of Venus Ayem8y?

  7. Is this some before shots of Amanda LePore?